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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tommie Copper

I roll out of bed and hit the floor
my body ain't so good anymore
I can sit and I can stand
but I have to wait for someone's hand

the basketball knee
needs support
I pull on Tommie Copper
now i play sports

My back won't bend
it just hurts
I pull on my
compression shirt

I am weak
my shoulders are whacked
let me put on my sleeves
be right back

Compressed from stem to stern
these new girdles work I'll be durn!
I am old but encased with Tommie Copper
Will someone help me outta this rocker??

Disclaimer:  Tommie Copper did not reward me for this!


Sandra said...

i thought you were talking about ME until i read the basketball part. i don't know who tommy is but i can relate to him

TexWisGirl said...

don't know that reference, either.

Linda Kay said...

Okay, you made me look it up. I hadn't seen that name before, but I sure do recognize the images on the Web of the support bandages for knees, elbows, etc. etc. I used one for a bum knee at one time. Really helped, so good luck with that!

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

I feel the pain...literally.

Michaele said...

You have me considering if this Cooper person is a good or bad thing. I do a lot of yoga to fend off Tommy Coopers for a few more years - I hope.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Funny, but you're speaking my language!

A Quiet Corner said...

Gotcha..?And that's why I go to the gym and Tai Chi...:)JP

LindaG said...

Haha. Never heard of Tommy Copper, but it sure is a cute poem, Gail. :-)

Linda Wildenstein said...

I have not tried a Tommie Copper but my get up and go needs a jump start from time to time as well.
Love the poem.

Praveen RS said...

This post is so nice, i like it
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Ian H said...

Do they sell Tommy Cooper in a "body-dipping" size? Makes it easier than putting it on piece by piece. What is a TC anyway?

Saucy Kodz said...

ha,ha - never heard of a tommy cooper but now I know, cause I researched it. H-m-m-m-m, some people would wear this and heal themselves through their mind or feel better just because they had this stuff on?? I like what Ian said and think they should just have a jump suit - no more aches and pains - WAHOO - WHERE'S ALL THAT MONEY THAT WAS IN MY WALLET....WAIT A MINUTE, IT'S NOT WORKING. Love the poem

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