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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Drive To Work

Many of you may agree, to leave your personal valley, you must travel a rocky road. I was driving one handed with a standard transmission, so it was bumpier than usual. Driving with a camera out the window is really not a safe thing either.

Climbing out of the valley is slow, rough going and you could fall by the wayside if you are not careful. I have demonstrated this, filming my trip out this morning.

I wanted to show off my Dead End sign I made, nailed to a tree because so many people drive down our road to see the sights. This tree was almost felled by the tornado in '08 but is hanging on by the roots...gosh, another metaphor, am I a counselor tonight or what?


The Green Stone Woman said...

Great piece of filming and I love to hear your voice.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehe! That creepy leaning tree and your hand-made sign reminds me of of the scary signs you'd see in the spooky forest in the movie Wizard of Oz. Looks rather ominous.

Thanks for letting me sit on your lap and go along for the ride. :D


DesertHen said...

Great little tour you just gave us. The tree is amazing how it is still hanging on and surviving!

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