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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bounty Grows!

Marcy's garden stir fry
Today's bounty

Watermelons are almost here.

Squash heaven

Seymour is not too excited.

I am not a vegetable garden person so you will not catch me hoeing or pulling weeds. I think that goes back to my childhood of having to weed all the time! The only thing I have ever weeded voluntarily have been my few select rock displays and my water gardens.
Wait, I did volunteer one time to pull up all the bitter weed in the pasture because the milk cow got it in her milk. Yuck, you have never tasted anything quite like bitter weed milk. I got side tracked...back to the garden.
I have no problem preparing the earth, hauling manure to feed it, but have no desire to plant and nurture and grow a garden. So anything that comes from the garden is thanks to Beverly and Marcy who do not have the problem I have with gardens...and thanks to hubby for all his hauling, breaking and plowing, just not me.
I am more of a tree girl, plant it, leave it, let it grow. Rocks do not have to be watered so I am content with them. You only have to rearrange them if the stock comes through or a dog is looking for some varmint. This is why I have two rocks porches and two water gardens and one flower bed of rocks taken over with pineapple sage, twice a year, I pull the sage and throw it away.
If it were totally up to me, I would have no lawn, but rocks with a stock fence very close to the house so they could do all my trimming.
Today is my day to sidetrack I see, I could change it but I will let it stand.
The stir fry was wonderful. The garden is good and I am benefiting even if I have not pulled a weed...nice sisters, I have!


Gramma Ann said...

How fortunate you are to have two sisters who garden. The food looks lovely, and the stir fry with all fresh vegetables, YUMMY!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

LOL - and here I am, just in from planting foxgloves, calendula, broccoli, leeks, spring onions and herbs! I love those squashes of yours. The biggest trouble getting anything to grow around here are the squirrels and guinea fowl who insist on digging everything up. The veggies have gone into what was Bo's cage - for protection!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I do not garden at all anymore, but used to be quite a gardener in my other life. I do appreciate the bounty of Marcy's and Bev's garden and the stir fry looks delicious. It's a lot of work, preparing all those vegetables.

Prospero said...

Gail, a few posts ago, you wrote:
Farming is a good life, yet, farming is a hard life. You learn about life and death up close and personal each day you help deliver a calf or foal.
I have cried with a dead animal in my arms.

I thought that was beautiful and very moving.

Today you say that you're more of a tree person (plant it, leave it, let it grow) and could do without a lawn.
Well, that's me exactly. Vegetable are my nemesis. Occasionally, I'm successful at growing something useful (last night it was an orange fleshed watermelon) - but these are accidents more than skillful growing. I like ornamentals which are tough as nails, useless, and care free. I'm pulling out all my grass and planting shade garden gingers under my beloved trees.

So, we do have quite a bit in common (even though you're on a farm in Arkansas and I'm on a dot in the middle of the Atlantic ocean).

Rudee said...

I do like growing sage and lavender, but I use them to keep the moths out of my yarn.

Tina said...

Makes my mouth water to taste all those stir fry veggies!! Yummm Send your sistas over to my place..or move next door! lol!!

Silliyak said...

Sounds like the old Irish joke. Mike write home to Pat ion the olde country, "Pat get over here quick, I've got a great job, all I have to do is haul hods of brick up 12 flights of stairs, and SOMEONE ELSE, lays 'em for me!"

Carla said...

I'm not a food gardener either. I like things that can hold their own. If not, oh well, off to the compost. Nice to have those who ENJOY growing food isn't it? Do they enjoy cooking and cleaning up also? (I don't like that part either-just the eating-sad I know, but honest)

Grammy said...

What a bounty they have brought in. I would say. I wish I was as prosperous. My garden is sad. I need to stick to my shade garden and enjoy the Zen.

Melanie said...

That stir-fry looks delish-so does that watermelon. And weeding??? Who likes weeding??? LOL!!!! :)

Pyatshaw said...

We have a neighbour whom I would gladly send you.....I think he scans the garden, every morning,for weeds that have dared to raise their little green heads and very soon he and his wife are out scrabbling in the dirt on their knees with old basins filled to the brim. I'm more of a twice a season weeding pertson!
My husband just likes grass and my father used to prefer just brown/black earth---flowers got in the way!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm a rock and tree girl, too. I love my fruit trees....they not only grow al on their own, but they give us fruit, too. Now that's my kind of gardening!

Bitter weed milk sounds nasty! Yummo on that stir fry. Do you like to cook, too. Or is that Marcy's domaine?


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