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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Could It Be...

Unidentified Flying Objects??? No, it is my poor attempt to take a picture of my lighted water garden during a rain storm, but it is fun to imagine.
There are tales that go with this place, as with any place of age. We do live on the Tin Cup Walker Place. Eve's grave is here and we care for it. Tin Cup was a previous owner who would not drink out of other people's dippers in their water bucket. He carried a cup on his belt and only used that to drink.
Before I was born, Beverly was just a baby, Mom was walking to Grandma's house and a "long silver washtub" flew over Mom the whole way. It did not seem important or scary to her, just something that happened.
There was the strange light night that I posted a long time ago.
Our farm is supposed to be the place where robbers buried money. It has never been found. The posse that was chasing them, killed all the robbers but they had hidden the money, so no recovery. Dad used to say, "...and on a still night, if you listen, you can hear the horses running over the glade rock." I have heard it once.
Two sightings have happened recently. It was a dark and rainy night...they always start like that...my nephew looked out the front door of Marcy's house and saw a white figure in front of the shop. He thought hubby was out in the storm and waited for another lightening flash to reveal what he was doing. The lightening only revealed emptiness where the figure had been. It was a average man's height and the shape of a human body. We looked for tracks and have looked for the figure every evening. Another sighting was noted by grandson, Andrew, when he was hunting for armadillos late one night. He could only see the lower portion of the figure as it strolled in the edge of our yard light. He said it was definitely two legs and they were walking.
No one gets too excited here, whether it is strange sights or sounds. We seem to accept what happens with an open mind. Sometimes we do not think to share it until we are all together and begin talking.
If we do have ghostly visitors, hope they stay long enough to help with the work.


Pyzahn said...

Great history, legend and lore. I've always wanted to have/see a ghost. I'd probably pee my pants but won't know unless it happens.

Are you ever tempted to go digging for that treasure?

The Green Stone Woman said...

You'd have to do an awful lot of digging to find that money.

I've never seen a ghost and hope to never. I'm scared of them.

Grammy said...

Or at least tell you where they buried the treasure. That would be awesome.
I love your amazing story.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Lots of great spooky stories, Gail. I like how you share your place with the ghoulies. They really should pitch in and help, though. I suppose they think they already paid their dues when they were alive, though. lol!

Your photo reminds me of Asian writing.


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