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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Cemetery

It made me think of Edgar Allan
I wasn't the only one stopping to read.
So many people honored here
In death, a monument built...

Why not build the monuments to honor them in life?
An Angel watches over all
It caused me to turn a little...
because I think life should be honored, not death.
Mother always told me, bring me my flowers while I am living, I do not need them when I am dead.


Tina said...

A bird, a bird! Yea Gail, glad you weren't alone in your reading and your visit!! ;-)

allhorsestuff said...

Huh..yea I went to click the followers button andno-one showed up too! Blogger..I blame blogger!

Well, Life should be honored and celebrated..tis soo shot to be sure and death well, we jsut don;t ant those that have been taken from the only life we know of(yet) to be forgetten..so we celebrate and honor them too..though-do they knw? humm...reading Randy Alcorns books..maybe so!

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