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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baring My, Uh...Soul

This is a big step for me, because when I began this blog, I would not show my face. For those of you who did not know me in the beginning, I had a goat's behind where my picture should be. I guess that has changed because, now I am showing my behind and not the goat's.

Arrow and Charme
Arrow and Knot
Knot...the cats know he is not supposed to be here!

My boys can easily jump anything when they feel the need but thankfully they do not...often. This large step opportunity was too tempting to pass, so on about their grazing business in the freshly mowed, tender lawn grass.
My horses are enclosed in webb wire that was originally meant for miniature horses. Usually they are quite good at staying in their pasture but this morning the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.
By grazing over the fence, they have mashed down some wire which is easily stepped over by a large horse. The big escape is on.
Marcy, my sister, noticed and pulls the mashed fence up and stops Charme and Magic from escaping. Marcy, quickly, lets me know. The horses use to graze the whole valley but the garden is in it's prime and many flowers would not withstand the dance of horse's hooves.
So I slip on my boots, in my pajamas and lure them, quietly, back to their pasture. A bucket of sweet feed or even an empty bucket leads them anywhere. This is not what I intended my second picture of my new boots to look like, however, they were very handy and easy on.
The pictures are not in their proper order, since once again the gremlins have attacked my blog and I cannot drag pictures into the position I prefer.
I hope my bravery is noted now I have shown my ass to the world. Thank you, Marcy for the wonderful pictures I have to share.


Grammy said...

You are awesome! I love the creativity you place in your words.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You have very good looking legs, Gail and would say that picture is still rated PG. It was daring of you to post it, though.

Patricia said...

Gail...you mentioned your pix not being where you wanted....do you know how to cut and paste in the HTML? It's easy and I can tell you if you're interested.
Love your pix

Rudee said...

I guess the grass sometimes really is greener then, right?

I always enjoy the pictures of your horses.

Inspired by you, we've started house hunting for a home with property. And a barn. I need to own (at least) a goat, a horse, a couple of cats and TWO dogs to make up for the ZERO dog limit my landlord gave me after we moved in. I may throw a couple of sheep in for good measure and something to spin. It will be all your fault and you can expect a lot of emails from the city girl who thinks spinning makes her just a tad bit country.

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