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Saturday, July 18, 2009

And The Day Ain't Done

It is just now eleven am and I am back in the house, drinking ice tea and feeling the cooled air.

Granny Pruett always said lazy people count their jobs but I am proud of what I've accomplished this morning! I may be lazy but I am counting.

I shoveled manure while wearing my new boots, according to Rudee's instructions, Sorry, I could not do the gloves. I picked up rocks and gravel out of my soon to be used round pen, stacked the rocks, piled brush, pulled weeds and picked up some trash.

This is a view of the spring branch Den is working on. Headed to view the calves and cows. Oh, they are so pretty! Picked sticks up along the way, there is always something to pick up At The Farm. Working on Sunday Stills, Lisa, hint, hint.

Kubota King had a new project completed this morning. Since the run off from the pond has slowed, Den dammed the second spring so the cows can have a place to cool. It will clear as it reaches the pipe and hopefully, will flow beautifully.


Christy said...

Nothing like a good morning's work. I took it a little easier this morning than most. Sat with the animals and cuddled for a bit. It is surprisingly cool here today.

Little Dickens Designs said...

Wow, all that makes me tired to think about. I cleaned my house!

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

LOVE the cows. I think they look so peaceful.

Kerrie said...

I am not sure about ice tea. I think tea has to be hot for me, but you put me to shame with the jobs you get done.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love the springs. You are so lucky to have them to use to water your critters. Cute calves, too!

I don't think counting your jobs is lazy at all....it leads to a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment AND if you are a competitive person, will lead you to strive to even more the next day.

You did good! Looks like your boots are 'broken in' and ready to ride!


The Green Stone Woman said...

You work hard at the farm, there's never a dull moment or a moment wasted not doing some chore, even if its is picking up sticks. A person would get very healthy there, doing all that labor and grow some strong muscles. Maybe I should take up an apprenticeship.

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