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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Workin'

Andrew was helping, along with Maggie and Cutter
Marcy and Bev takin' a break!

Bev spraying the planted sprigs.

Kubota King is leveling dirt, hauling dirt, golden cow manure and Bermuda sprigs.

My picture thing will not move around so these are in reverse order.
Yesterday was a good day. I got lots of work done but maybe too much. By this morning, I was dragging again. I do not understand why the doc can't fix me over night...I mean really! My oral antibiotic did not set well with me so I am on the side lines watching every one else work

The short cut through our yard has ended. No more tractor, four wheelers, mules, trucks or cars will travel through this area.
This shall become lawn!


Sarah said...

I like watching other people work!! I hope you are feeling better very soon! S

Melanie said...

It always feels so good when you get a projet done, doesn't it? And I think it is great that all of your sissies are there to help out. :)

Pyatshaw said...

Hope you feel better soon-it always seems to be worse when everyone else is fit and healthy.
When we were children we used the lawn for practising jumping with our ponies and racing......that is until dad saw us! Our ponies weren't the show jumping types--more Shetland, Welsh crosses.

Tina said...

Gee Gail, I didn't know you weren't feeling well. I am sorry to hear that! Sitting along the sidelines..puts me in a bad mood, also. I'm sure those antibiotics will kick in soon and you will be up and running like your ole self!! Can't picture you being still...tee he you are always posting you did this, did that..after reading all your posts I miss in a few days..i have to sit along the sidelines!! :-)

The Green Stone Woman said...

You will be happy with your lawn, but you'll have to remember to water it, or somebody will, but that's a peaceful job. I remember that well.

I hope you feel better soon, maybe you need different antibiotics. Ask your doctor. If they don't agree with you...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hate being on the sidelines, too. Bummer. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Question: How old is Marcy? She looks amazing, strong and in great shape. Must be from keeping active?

Your so blessed to have your family all around you every day.


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