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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sue's Question...

Sue has kindly answered my challenge by asking a question.  Do you really think I meant that?  Of course, it is a difficult question to answer...and has three parts.  Why not something easy, like...oh, what is your favorite color?  Thank you, Sue!

And the question is:  What kind of life had you imagined for yourself before you ended up on your very cool farm?

I am too old to remember the answer to that!  It seems that all the good things have been my dreams and the bad, my nightmares.  I have always loved to write and imagined one day that would play a part in my life. I do remember telling my mother, I was going to marry a man that would let me have as many dogs as I wanted and I have always wanted horses.  So I guess I am living my dream...sorta.

For years, my hubby wanted a farm.  I said, no, we cannot keep up with three acres, we can not do a farm.  Circumstances  brought us here and we cannot keep up, just like I told him, but the pluses of being here far outweigh the minuses

Years ago, before reality bit me, I had dreams of being a veterinarian, an archaeologist, a computer genius, and a writer.  In a way, those dreams have come true.  I am always doctoring some animal, digging up stuff on the farm, playing on the computer and writing.

And would you trade it now?

I don't think I would trade it as much as improve it.  More cash and more workers would make life simpler but that would be true in any one's life.
Has the daily lotion made a difference? Are your heels as soft as flowery petals in the spring?
The lotion, I think, is a mental problem.  My feet were extremely hot during labor, the lotion solved that problem and cooled them.  My feet are still hot, not in the soft flowery petal way but temperature wise.  The lotion still does the job along with keeping my feet out from under the covers.
Thanks for the question...that was fun.  Stop by and visit Sue and just for me, ask her a hard question!


The Golden Eagle said...

Great question from Sue! :)

I loved reading your answers.

Nora said...

I really wanted you to say that you had sift petal like feet. I was going to try it myself.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a great post - both this one and the one before it. I loved reading both but as a new reader I have a question as well. When in the world did you show yourself in your underwear? And why? :) On our trip to Israel I was asked if I was planning to float in the dead sea. My answer was a loud no! I don't appear in a bathing suit for anyone but God alone and God wasn't going to be alone on that beach! I feel the same about underwear. :) blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Great answers, Gail. LIke Nora, though, I have to admit I was wishing you had soft, flower petal heels.


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