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Friday, May 20, 2011

Toni, Happy Birthday!

My nephew, the builder of the big red barn...has a birthday.  Not a spring chick anymore, Toni was born in '69.  He is the one who takes me on wild adventures, makes me gamble, and reminds me that all things are possible.  Toni makes me laugh.  He shows me life through different eyes and has a big heart.

Thank you, Toni, for being you...and helping me take off my lion costume!  Happy Birthday...love you bunches.  As beautiful as Alaska is, I want you home!!


MidnightSage said...

awwwww that was so nice. :) It's so hard when loved ones are far away isn't it? My family is spread all over the place. Happy Birthday to your Tony also. Thank you for keeping my daughter in your thoughts, it's been a very rough year. That's awful that you went thru something similar, sounds even worse with him hitting her. OMG these guys!! uggggg I emailed you, but I'm thinking you didn't get it. Here is my email: tmesenbourg@gmail.com And type o's?? hahahaha I make them ALL the time!

Nezzy said...

OK girl, spill...I know there must be a great story behind that lion costume story!!!

It's great to have a Toni in your life who will push ya beyond your comfort zone to live life just a little richer.

Here's sendin that nephew Toni a great big Ozark hoot and holler....


God bless ya and have yourself one fantastic weekend sweetie!

Sue said...

Happy birthday, Toni! (Even though you're "no spring chicken.")



DesertHen said...

Happy Birthday Toni! We share the same birth year! Guess I'm not a "spring Chicken" any more....lol!

Razzberry Corner said...

Happy B-Day, Toni!!!!! ~And many More!!!!

LindaG said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Toni!

We lived in Alaska for 3 years and loved it. Would go back except neither of us likes that kind of cold any more. ;)

Have a good week, Gail. Hope Hubby and Andrew continue to heal. ♥

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