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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horses...That Blogger Lost!

are sometimes like watch dogs.
They let you know when something strange is around.
Peeking out after their little run,
they search for what spooked them.
I never saw a thing.
It shall remain their secret.
Blogger lost my comments, found them again.
Now my followers have disappeared..


Teresa aka JW said...

It's true. Horses are good at noticing things before we do. So are dogs and cats.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful! Such wonderful animals, I miss having them. Have a great day , Oh give those beauties a hug for me please.

Nezzy said...

...and you have some beautiful 'watch horses' there!

It's true with all animals. The cattle will stop in their tracks and look toward a vehicle comin' down our road. Birds will fly the opposite direction when it's approachin'. Ya know ya live in the middle of nowhere when.... Heehehehe!

You have a very blessed day my friend! :o)

LindaG said...

It was probably their own shadows. ;-)
Happy Thursday! :)

Sue said...

Wonderful photos.
Beautiful horses.


Breathe said...

The horse always knows. How patient they are with our limitations.

Dreaming said...

They are certainly busy patrolling their area!

EmptyNester said...

Now THAT'S eye candy! LOL

DesertHen said...

Maybe it was something they heard or felt more than saw. Pretty shots!

Happy Day to you! =)

Nora said...

I guess horses get spooked easily, don't they? They must be very alert.

allhorsestuff said...

Cracked me up! They are so in tune huh!
my latest post, my mare heard the horses and riders coming, quarter mile away!They are built to preserve thamselves.

Sometimes I swear my mare makes things up, just to stop...but I have been proven wrong- over and over! The Machette man, that popped out of the woods after I told her that there was nothing to fear last year-THAT- really was funny/humbling!

Grammy said...

They are so beautiful. Jerry giggled on you John wayne joke too. ty :)

Country Gal said...

OOOO AAAAA Pretty ponies !

Pat said...

Horses playing peek-a-boo!

Blogger has been screwy all week. My followers come and go - seriously! Their pictures disappear and come back every day this week!

BTW, I have an award for you on my blog.

Buttons said...

These are beautiful photos. B

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such fun! Some horses seem to enjoy the entire spooking experience and search for things to spook them. lol!
Your horses are looking fat, happy and healthy on all the gorgeous green grass!


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