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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For Poetry Jam...

I know forms of poetry
And care not to look today
What comes out
And lays on this page
Is just
Not poetry
So there are no rules
Like paint only becomes art
After enough people say it is
These words can disappear
Be used in different order
Owned by none, used by many

For Poetry Jam


Sandra said...

yet another cool poem

Josie Two Shoes said...

I say this is poetry and so very well done! Word crafting is what we do, what we love, and you do it very well!

Mary said...

Glad to see you here in Poetry Jam again. Smiles. You know, there are so many definitions and forms of poetry I don't think any can say what is or is not. Actually, if the poet calls a piece of writing 'poetry' I will accept his/her definition! And what you wrote IS a poem.

Irene said...

And I agree with you completely!

Sandy said...

Ever consider publishing your poems?

LindaG said...

Good one, Gail. :o)

SaucyKod said...

You are quite skillful with the words there girlie.
I have been browsing through some of your past stories - Today I had Andrew and Football in my sight and you have plenty so it was most enjoyable. I especially liked the post where he was assisting little ?cousin baby with football. Many Likes :)

Brian Miller said...

eh i am not much for letting rules define poetry...much more liberal than classical, am i

Peggy said...

I like poetry without rules best of all--lots of creative paths to take!!

Sue said...

One of your best, Gail.


Anonymous said...

very cool take on the prompt!!!

thank you for joining in at Poetry Jam! {i'm sorry for the delay in visiting you.}


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