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Friday, January 18, 2013

Line of Demarcation...Computer Malfuntion

is defined in one instance as the determining and marking off of the boundaries of something.  There have been many types of lines but I think it's fairly safe to say this is the first made with shoes.
Bev my middle sister had been staying with us a few days.  Her work ethics and drive make me look like Suzy Super Lazy.  Our den is painted flooring.  She has been "touching" up some places,  Even Maggie the Border Collie knows what these lines mean. The lines move and change as Bev paints in sections.  Maggie knows which side of the line is safe...much better than I do.
The floor is almost complete along with sorting, thinning and cleaning.  Bev has directed Hubby like a drill sergeant or a personal trainer.  This room is Hubby's room where items dropped tend to stay dropped.  Oh, not anymore!  Papers and booklets applying to equipment no longer owned are sorted and discarded.  Like tools are in the same spot.  It is simply amazing how Bev can request and it is all taken with good nature by the two males that risk pulling a back muscle when they have to pick up a dirty sock. 
Had a little snow land at our place that stopped school early one day and out completely the next.  The suddenness caught drivers off guard and there were many accidents.
The livestock were fed and wearing many layers was the only way to be outside.  Two new healthy heifers were born.  No bulls being born yet makes me wonder if we have another dry summer coming.
Predators are also hungry and have choice picked a hen a night for over a week when it was not raining or snowing..  We have found claw marks on a tree over three feet off the ground.  The dogs alert us but there has been no capture.  The dogs seem hesitant to move in on the predator.  We haven't caught the chicken thief.
The barn yard committee is discussing a solution.
When they work this problem out, I'm putting them on the computer.


Sandy said...


Good morning early bird!!!

I love the human made line of shoes, lol. Obviously there to stop humans and dogs from crossing while Bev paints.

I'm sorry to hear your still have a problem with something eatting your chickens. Do you have a critter cam?

Lynne said...

Sounds like your sis knows how to keep the family in ship shop shape!

I hope you find the predator!

Country Gal said...

Gota do what ya gota do to keep them off the painted floors ! I do hope you get that chicken thief . My dad and I one year sat out all night with guns ready by the coop and waiting for our chicken thief and BANG ! we got him after weeks of him getting away with it ! It is the coldest day yet here today just a dusting of snow. Have a good day !

Sandra said...

i think you should schedule a visit twice yearly from your sister.. she is a working fool and is like what i used to be... before old age stopped me...that is a really cool way to make the line, would never have thought of it. and i laughed out loud at the barn yard committee, so you are getting your humor back. that is a sad pic of what is left of the chickens. i wonder if it is something big that keeps the dogs from getting it. like a cougar or bobcat. they might get a fox or coyote, but those big cats are not for dogs. we had a bobcat with rabies attack a man and his son in their garage.that was here in FL... poor chickens and poor you

SaucyKod said...

I love how you hop about from topic to topic and it is all very interesting to read. I think I would like Bev to visit here for a bit, when she is finished her visit with you :)
WOW, do you have any idea what ate the chicken - must be something not so nice, if the dogs are acting like that. Maybe you could video the chickens at night and see what is prowling about or load the rifle and sit somewhere safe. Hope you catch this varmit real soon. Like the shoe idea. I do something like that with Jack, except I lay her small blanket down in an area, tell her to get on her blanket and stay, while I mop or clean. She knows not to move until I say its OK. Usually she just lays there and watches me. Good Dog :)

TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the chicken loss! that's disheartening, for sure.

i loved maggie. smart girl. i could use your sis for a while. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry someone is killing your chickens. When your sister is done, send her to work on my place. She won't even have to pick up.

Rudee said...

Poor chickens. I hope you catch the culprit.

Buttons said...

Sorry about the chickens happy about the calves. I am the sister like yours:) well till calving started:)
Take care and yes it is cold out there my nose nearly fell off need a nose warmer:) B

Far Side of Fifty said...

Perhaps Bev should move in permanently! Sounds like she has a way with the menfolk and dogs. I hope you get the chicken killing critter:)

Sue said...

Sometimes a sister comes in VERY handy...

And I love the barn committee.


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