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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Gloried Gofer...

is what I am...Go fer this, go fer that!  Hubby had asked for help and he wasn't moving outta his chair so I went back to bed early Sunday morning.  I woke and he was gone to build fence by himself...stubborn runs on both sides of our family.
 So I had to walk up the mountain to where he was building fence, because I said I would help, he just didn't give me a ride!  Reached the old orchard, yes, there used to be an orchard here about sixty years ago, and it will always be called the orchard.
Of course, Ki went every step of the way.
Stubborn working by himself.
When I, the Gofer, arrived, things got easier for him.  I am driving the mule, stringing wire as he tacks it on the post.  We then stretch between each post and hammer those steeples in.  I need the big hammer, the pry bar, more steeples, drive up, drive down...I felt like I was playing the old game Twister!
I got in trouble for putting wood in the mule but every stick, every stone that is removed means another spot for grass to grow.  If I had known I was going to get in trouble, I would not have brought him that drink!!  Got some fire wood anyway...I don't listen very well and it did not interfere with the fence supplies.
Having the right tools to work with always makes it easier.
This fence has been a long time coming.  Yesterday, Hubby had Andrew and Luke (son-in-law) helping and much progress was made.  This morning I was the gofer...and I think I did well.  This was not my first rodeo, I grew up on a farm.
I was sent to the house, just what I planned.  Gone after gloves, a tool we needed and more to drink.  Did I mention I got in trouble for taking pictures?  I told him I needed blog fodder and he said he needed a fence finished. (I didn't really get into lots of trouble, it is our way of joking around)

If you look closely in the distance you can see the farm compound in the valley below.  I had a nice surprise when I got there...a house full of helpers, but that's a story and more pictures for tomorrow.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work. Bet hubby sure appreciated you showing up to help, even with the camera. lol!
My hubby is always asking me if I remembered to take photos. He gets annoyed if I say I don't feel like it. lol!

Your term of gofer made me laugh. My high school mascot was the gopher!


Rudee said...

Ki looks like a chameleon in the brush and orchards.

Sue said...

You lead an interesting life out there.

And I am liking Ki's name more and more. It just fits.


Far Side of Fifty said...

No snow..and it looks warm..I could gofer that! Looks to me like you are a wood hauler too, and real good help! :)

Just Plain Tired said...

I remember fencing when I was a kid. We lived out in the sticks and I worked for several farmers in the area when I was a teenager, building fence was called upon more than once.

Nancy said...

Fencing is so much easier with the auger -- how did they do it back in the old days? Back breaking!

I know the feeling of (sometimes) being a wee unappreciated in the gofer department. But hey -- we do our best! :)

mj said...

Never underestimate the powers of a gofer!! Been there and done that many times! You go-fer girl! Great little post.

LindaG said...

I wish I could be that far away from our compound and still be on our property. ;)

Never done fencing, my hubby has to teach me. We don't have one of those mules, either, but we have three mower/tractor types so maybe we can make one of those a mule once we're there. :)

Hope you all have a great day, Gail! :)

Pat said...

Seems like there's always work to be done on the farm!

Yaya' s Home said...

I am in love with your farm. Such beauty an' peace surrounds you. I am glad you an' hubby are able to share moments such as these. Its what makes life fun.

I can see why you love bein' where you are.

~ Yaya

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