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Monday, February 14, 2011

Walking With Dogs...

The heat wave made it and tempted me to enjoy the outdoors.  I whistled up the pack and we went exploring.
 Ki-Anne is a snow lover.  She ran and jumped and sniffed like a big dog.  However, she stayed close to me.
 The boys and Maggie patrolled the terraces in search of new smells and discoveries.  It was warm with sunshine...something I think my soul needed.
It was a double purpose walk.  I was checking fences as the dogs explored the creek. Lil stayed at home with her newly acquired musk rat.
In their excitement, it seems the boys rarely touched the ground.
New smells every where for Ki,
but she would not join Squiggie in the water.
It was a successful trip.
We returned, tired yet refreshed.
Every one was a little muddy and a lot wet.
It was a wonderful prespring day of enjoyment.


Nezzy said...

I'm sayin..... It was a whoppin 27 degrees here on the Ponderosa this mornin'. Sure beats the livin' daylights outta the -11 it was a week ago!!!

We're meltin' to beat the band. I asked Hubs this mornin' if he had a wrecker to follow him around today...I do believe he's gonna need one! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya and have a glorious week sweetie!!!

Rusty said...

It even looks like spring there! We are getting a mix of snow and rain - temperature heading above freezing for the day - then forecast way, way down to perhaps below zero tonight. CRAZY!!! Still no sign of our friendly raccoons though. ATB!

Nora said...

It's 45F here and I think it's a little cold. I would like for it to be just a little warmer. Needless to say, we have no snow like you do. We just have rain.

Jules said...

Oh yes, I got out yesterday almost 60 here. My girls are loving it as well, all those new smells :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

ellen abbott said...

I just noticed. Ki has no tail! what happened to her tail?

Sue said...

Ki is growing already.

Sounds like a delightful day for all of you.


John Gray said...

as youknow I love dog walking., though welsh terriers cant be let off their leads in the woods, they bloody well always run off!

LindaG said...

Looks like you definitely had a great day, Gail. Loved the pictures. :)

Jenner said...

What kind of dog is Ki? Her ears remind me of my Aussie mix. She's adorable!

mj said...

Dogs have a really great way of showing us how to enjoy the snow. Maybe we should all come back in our next life as dogs?

artteachergirl said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog! Not to rub it in, but here in GA it is a very nice 72 degrees...finally!
I have the top quote on your blog, by Danny Kaye, up in my art room...ain't it the truth?! Vicki

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

It was a nice pre-spring day for a lot of people but not for poor Nezzy!

Ki is a great name. It fits her!

Ann said...

These dogs don't need winter woolies?

Thanks for following.

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