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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bed In A Box...

I know you have all heard of Bed in a Bag, but this is Bed in a Box!

An earlier post, Shopping For A New Mattress was about the chaos that comes with a new mattress.  Time has passed and the need has grown so I shopped, conferring with Hubby along the way.  Somewhere, sometime, he got the idea of memory foam making the best bed. 

I can pretty much sleep on a rock, when I finally can sleep at all, so I listened to the master.

I shopped!  I compared.  I watched videos.  I finally ordered just what Hubby wanted.

I had watched a video about how it was shipped and what to do when it arrived but, let me tell you something, it was not nearly as easy as it looked!!

UPS was kind enough to deliver to my place of work, since he knows I am always working.  I helped him place the over a hundred pounds box in the back seat of my car.  Guys, we are talking a KING mattress in a box small enough to fit in the back of my car!  I asked Mr. UPS, if I don't like it, will you pack it back in the box for me?  He just laughed...later, I almost cried.

Andrew and Hubby unloaded it and carried it to the bedroom.  Now, to help it escape the box...it took three of us to give it freedom.  We removed it from the box and then from a bag and another bag and another bag and finally reached said mattress which remained in a semi-tight shape of the box.

We threw it on top of the old mattress and left it to reshape as the video had promised it would do.

It happened, surprisingly, just like they said.  I returned to a huge flat, pillow topped piece of deep memory foam. 

Now for the fun part, pulling it off the bed, to remove the old mattress, drag the old mattress out of the way and replace with the new.  Remake the bed and hope it was every thing Hubby thought it would be because there is no way in heck I could ever get it back in the box.

I am glad no one was filming that!  I almost fell, I became trapped between the old king and the dresser and just stood there for a few minutes, knowing I could not yell for help because the volume of every thing where the guys were didn't allow them to hear a tornado if it was coming.

I struggled, I conquered, I triumphed!

Hubby shows up as I am placing the new mattress on the bed and says, why didn't you holler?  I would  have helped.  Well, I had not called because common sense would tell anyone, if you have a new mattress, it has to get on the bed and the old one has to leave.  I should not have to ask!  So stubborn won out and I did it myself.

Hubby has reported this morning, he slept well but will have to get used to the newness of it.  I will have to report after my back and shoulders stop hurting from the move...because I didn't sleep worth a darn last night!


Sunny said...

Oh my what an adventure! Sorry for giggling but I could just picture this ordeal in my mind. You should have taken pictures, LOL!
☼ Sunny

Rob said...

Oh no - I hope its just the newness that needs to wear off for you too, Hope you didn't throw the old one away yet either.

ellen abbott said...

we have a temperpedic and just love it. but it did not come in a box!

Nezzy said...

I can just see ya stuck between a rock and a hard place tryin' to do it yourself. Heeehehehe!!! Golly gee I know someone just like that only I'd be hollerin'('cause I do this often when I'm here all by myself) "I NEED MORE TESTOSTERONE!!!"

Then I'd get~'er~done...I always do!

We are water-bed people. Don't laugh they've changed allot since the 70's and it sure helps Hubs joints.

Enjoy your new mattress and I pray ya sleep well on it tonight.

God bless ya sweetie and sweet dreams!

Judy said...

We've all been there...between that dresser and mattress...LOL...sorry you did not sleep...maybe better tonight...

Shabbygal said...

Sorry Gail Iwas laughing at you.I wish it had been taped! You sound like me I'm so stubborn and eager and if I want something done I usually just jump in and do it! Then after the fact hubby says I would of helped. Ya,Ya! Hope you love your new bed! Traci

Country Gal said...

Yup me to was laughing sorry, I have been there to only I am short and no one could see me under the mattress lol but having the big mouth I yelled "I'm ok just get me the heck out of here" lol Hope you both get good sleep on your memory foam ! Have a great day !

Sue said...

We love our tempurpedic. It's great!

Our memory foam bed topper for the guest room came in a box just like you describe. I could not believe how heavy it was!

And once again, you remind me so much of my sister. It sounds like you may be nearly as stubborn as she is!


LindaG said...

Sorry to hear you didn't sleep well last night either.
Hope you sleep better tonight!

I have to wonder, if it has a memory, how does it get out of the box shape?
I guess because it is physically too big for the box...
Interesting. ;)

Pat said...

Man I wanted to see PICTURES of this experience! Hard to believe a mattress that big could fit into a small box!

I have to laugh at your husband. "Why didn't you call me?" How did he think that other mattress was going to get moved? LOL!

Rae said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh picturing you brawling with that mattress. I have one too, so I know how hard you had to work getting it in place. It's been six months since I got mine and I am still not used to it. I hope you have better luck.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i hope its worth all the work. most of the time I get anything new its good for awhiole and then the old sleep habit kicks back in

Nora said...

It took me a while to get used to my new mattress. At first I was just sore from it. It was too good. Now I love sleeping on it and it's just right. Give it some time. You'll come to love, I'm sure. It will do great things for your posture in the end. My back never bothers me anymore when I get up and that's saying a lot.

Jules said...

LOL, what a story. Bed in a box, in a car, in a house :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

carolina nana said...

Unbelievable how they shipped a king size mattress. Did you get any pictures,that would have been a sight to see, but if you're like me I never think about pics until it's too late.
Hope you sleep better tonight.
Have a blessed tomorrow

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