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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopping For A New Mattress...

Sounds simple, right?  Not with this hubby of mine!  With the exception of our first mattress, mattress shopping and purchasing is a much dreaded event in this house.

We began marriage with my grandmother's iron bedstead and my life-at-home mattress.  Our first major purchase after marriage was a mattress set.  I was so proud!  Buying a mattress is not like buying other furniture,  no one can see it!  Not so with mine.  I was so proud of the purchase when company came, I would rip the sheets off  just to show my new mattress!

This mattress served us well for years as mattresses usually do.

Time came to move up a size in mattresses.  Not only were our children growing, so were we!

The shopping began and, boy, did we shop!  We laid on every mattress for sale in three counties.  Finally choosing, we were pleased with the size and the comfort.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this but Hubby does not like change.  He wants everything the same place, every day, forever.  He has even threatened to nail his recliner to the floor so I can not rearrange the furniture. Yep, no changes are welcomed by him.

We chose a Queen size this time, oh, the glorious room but Hubby had a small problem...it was a change.  He rolled, he tossed, he did not sleep for a week!  Finally, he settled in and said we are never buying a new mattress again!

Too bad, Hubby, life changes and we have to change with it.  A grandchild arrived and the laziness in me placed him in the center of the bed so I could hear him better. It became necessary, once again, to purchase an even larger mattress...a KING!

Oh, the trouble Hubby had with this new mattress!  He, once again, tossed and turned and pulled and cursed the new mattress.  He even pulled the fitted sheets off the bed in his sleep, Lord knows why, but he did.  He always woke surprised and denied everything!  Took him almost two weeks this time to adjust.  He, again, said,  Never ever get a new mattress, this is the last one!

In case you did not know, I am a spoiler of grandchildren.  It comes easy to me since I did not spoil my own children (not much, anyway).  Things my children were never allowed to do were not a problem for the grand sons.

I, as a child, was never allowed to jump on a bed, my children were not allowed to jump on a bed, so when the opportunity came to allow my grandchildren to jump on the bed, well, you know the answer to that one...and I joined them.  What a joy!  The forbidden jumping was quite a thrill with grand children.

You know where this is going...after thirteen years of jumping on the bed with three grandsons, the time has come for a new mattress once again.

King shall be the size...since we have not grown smaller.  Poor Hubby!  I hope this one lasts a hundred years, because he may not last through another change!


Jules said...

Poor Hubby. I know how he feels. I personally love the pillow top ones.

By the way I have something for you on my blog. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Nezzy said...

Poor Hubby, he should never say never! We are smitten with water-beds and replaced the last one when we remodeled (gutted) the bedroom, bath and hall two years ago. Hubby has joint problems soothed by the heat and no pressure points sleepin' on a flotation system.

Good luck to both you and Hubs and I pray this time ya'll have happy huntin'.

Isn't it funny what was banned in our houses when we were raisin' youngens we now participate in with the grands! Heeehehehe! A girls just gotta have fun. :o)

God bless your day sweetie!

LindaG said...

I'm the one who doesn't like change in our house.

We replaced our own mattress the beginning of the year. The first time in... about 15 years or more. I've lost count.
But we're both really happy with the mattress we chose.

I hope your hubby will be happier with your next choice. :)

ellen abbott said...

We got a tempurpedic the last time we bought a new mattress but we still snuggle into our double bed. they are expensive though. Dreamy comfy but expensive.


All sounds just like us lol. I am the one that doesnt like change to much, but then I go through fazes were I get bord with the same old same old . We have been through lots of different beds and mattresses, Water bed, no good, I boil due to menopause and he freezes his butt off ! So we have a queen thats just right, but he is a bed hog lol he is tall and I am a shorty, when he spralls I'm hangin on the edge for dear life lol.

Rudee said...

Yes to the Tempurpedic! It comes with a 20 year guarantee. Not so great for jumping though as it has no bounce.

Also, if reading in bed is important to you, forget it if you get one of these. It's lights out the second your body melts into one of these beds. I can't recall the last time I read in bed.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Sweet Man is like your husband. He has a heck of time readjusting to new things....38 years of trials and tribulations for him. Our last mattress is a sleep number, no jumping but it sure is comfy. With my joint problems I can readjust the bed to suit the pain level and wake feeling better. I love it.
I had to literally sneak the "old" pillows out after he went to work. Then I had hell to pay for weeks. Oh well, The Olde Bagg

Rural Rambler said...

I second the praises of the water bed. I am not a big lover of change either, unless it's me that decided to make the change, than it's all good :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

haha at least the change is not often.

Chickadee said...

Too bad you couldn't sneak a new bed in while your hubby was looking the other way ;)

Good luck getting a comfy new bed. :)

Pat said...

I can just picture you jumping on the bed with your grandkids!

I can just picture your husband nailing his recliner to the floor!

You're all nuts AT THE FARM!

Great post!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed..I can just see you jumping with the grands..too cute! Your poor hubby..he will just have to adjust! :)

Nora said...

Husbands can be so hurt and dramatic. They are so set in their ways. Women are much more adaptable. We are the flexible sex.

Pyatshaw said...

Great story.We've only ever had 3 mattresses in our 45 year marriage and only one was brand new! I read once,you should get a new mattress every 10 years!
My husband would sympathise with yours re "change"...even every dog he ever had was called "Jim".

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