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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yesterday's Moon

still hung in the sky and greeted the morning sun.  I seldom see this but it always amazes me. Maybe it's nothing special but it felt special.  I did not question it but simply enjoyed it.
The same moon last night showed through the Mulberry tree that I used for support.  I have neither the proper camera, tripod or intelligence to take a fantastic moon picture but this night the joy was in the trying, not the end result.

Once again, I have awakened before four AM.  The weather has cooled and so the windows are open, letting the night air in.  I wake with a stuffed nose and try Granny's old trick of Vick's.  I smell it and breathe better but not well enough to return to sleep.  So here I am again, sharing the thoughts ricocheting in my brain in the morning hours.

After a house full of people yesterday that left one by one, I welcomed the quiet. Papa and the boys left for the demolition derby.  As much as I love to see vehicles crash violently into one other, get turned over with cars smoking and people crawling out of said cars, running to safety, I declined the invitation and stayed home.

I welcomed the quiet and spent it reading a wonderful book by Greg Iles, one of my favorite new authors. The house smelled of Pinesol from the day's cleaning and there were no chores that called my name.  I got lost in Pen Cage's adventure and left this world behind,  if only for a little while.

Once again in the early predawn, the roosters begin to greet the day and I think of dumplings and fried chicken and dressing...they don't crow after they become these dishes.


Grammy said...

Both wonderful photos. We had a derby here at the fair ground last night too. You can hear the noise here with the windows open. I have dealt with what have for a few weeks now. It is congestion in the lungs that will not go away. But at first was like a cold or allergy's. I think it is from the changing in the weather.

Anonymous said...

My little camera doesn't do moons either, much to my dismay and despite how hard I try. Before I retired, I would drive 35 miles to my school, just as the sun was rising. Often that big ole moon was there first to greet the sun as it made it's appearance on the edge of the world. What a beautiful vision! Our God gave us such a gorgeous planet! Hope you feel better soon, because when the moon changes, you won't have anything to look at for a while when you're up at night.


Jules said...

Forget the moon...Chicken and dumplings :D Oh my favorite dish!

But your moon is wonderful. I like the fact you can see the leaves. Night photos are difficult even with a tripod.

Have a good one, now I have to go defrost a chicken, I'm hungry.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

ellen abbott said...

it has certainly been big and bright here. I was awake around four too and I almost got up but went back to sleep.

Emma Rose said...

Your photos are very good. The moon is really hard to photograph. I think they turned out great! Have you tried Breathe Right Strips for the plugged up nose? They have worked wonders at our house.
Emma Rose

Rudee said...

I see I need to get myself up to the library (walking distance), and get one of Greg's books. Where should I start?

Love your moon photos, and the fact that the full moon is on its way out. No nurse I know likes to see that big old moon hanging in the sky. It's really not the moon, but the craziness that comes with it.

Brenda said...

I agree with Rudee about the moon and people. I love to see the moon during the day, especially when the sun is out also. Getting a photo of them...not easy for me. You did good! I used to wake up in the night and write on my blog. Now I sleep through the night thanks to Excedrin PM.

Nora said...

Chicken and dumplings sounds very good, what time do you expect me for dinner?

If the moon was full, maybe that is why I was so crazy the other night. I didn't realize that it was, living in the city and not getting a good view of the night sky.

Do try Excedrin PM, it will really help you.

LindaG said...

The moon looked like that to us yesterday, too. :)

Have a good week!


Beautiful photos. Hubby and I are both Astronamer's and have three telescopes, we love to go out at night and view the sky's its amazing what you can see even with just a pair of binoculars its like a whole new world out there.He loves Astro photography he has some really nice shots of the moon, stars, planets and galaxies. Have a great day and try to view the skys with binoculars if you can you will be amazed !

Maria said...

Fall is definitely in the air!!
Chicken and dumplings, YUM.
Love the new look!!!

Nezzy said...

Mmmmm, chicken and dumplin'....any leftovers??? Girl, have you ever used a neti pot for your stuffiness. Let me tell ya, it can change your life! Just sayin........

God bless ya and have an amazing day!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of the moon. That makes me think about some of the moonlit nights we have spent on some of our camping trips. :-)

Melissa said...

What gorgeous photos!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wonderful writing! You transported me to another place. Thank you!

You said: "As much as I love to see vehicles crash violently into one other, get turned over with cars smoking and people crawling out of said cars, running to safety, I declined the invitation and stayed home."

Oh my goodness! I laughed right out loud. lol! Perfection in writing!

Beautiful photos, too!


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