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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Checking On Cattle...

The only white faced Gelbvieh we own.
This is an easy keeping breed and very gentle.
Great mothers,
great milkers, if we chose to milk,
fine marbled meat that melts in your mouth.
My husband's pride and joy.


Jules said...

Well, that makes me want steak and eggs :) I love cows, have you ever rode one? They don't go very fast :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jo said...

What beautiful cattle, Gail. I don't eat steak (or any meat) but hubby went "yum" when I showed him the photos. Have a wonderful day. Blessings Jo (North Africa)

LindaG said...

Makes me want to get them for our farm. :)

Hope you and your family have a blessed day. ♥

Ninny said...

You had me at gentle breed, great mother, good milkers....and then quicker than you can say BAM! you hit me with "marbled meat that melts in your mouth." I was ready to make pets out of them until you said that. LOL Glad I just buy my steaks at the supermarket so I don't have to look into their dreamy, trusting brown eyes first!



HAHAHA Ninny ,you made me laugh with your comment, but true, I felt the same a I was reading the post lol . Nice looking cattle and yes good on the plate hehehe ! When I was a child on the farm we named all our animals and yes it was hard to see them go off into the trucks, they seem to know and they give you this big eyed sad look that broke our hearts................. Till we had them in the freezer ! no seriously it is sad at times !

ellen abbott said...

Do you raise cattle for market or just for the freezer?

Pat said...

Yes, but can you make a MEAT DRESS out of them? THAT is the question!

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, the comments have me rollin'. I love that Jules asks if ya ride 'em. I've only had accidental rides when they take off with ya when your tryin' to bottle train one. Steak and eggs....yep that's why we raise 'em.

My daddy told me once, "never name anything your plannin' on eatin'", but that never seems to stop us. We name 'em the wavy bye-bye as the big cattle trailers haul them off to market.

Then Miss Pat, the butcherin' process is called dressin' the beef. EX. The cow dressed out at 350lbs of meat but never ever have I ever heard of a meat dress! Heeehehehe!

Sorry Gail, I just couldn't help havin' a little fun here. A girls got to get it wherever she can. :o)

God bless ya'll and have a fun day now, ya hear!!!

Rudee said...

They're beautiful.

Mel said...

HI Gail,
Hubby and I, have been tossing around the idea of beef cows. We had our own cows about 12 years ago, they both went in the freezer and later on our table.
Love homegrown meats and produce... That way, you know exactly what it was fed.

Lovely cows, they are, and hey, I love your new background.

Have a great day,

Journaling Woman said...

He needs to be proud they are beautiful cattle. I love their faces.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Farm life is something that you must be around, possibly a lifetime is best, to be able to understand and live it to the fullest.
When I had to kill my first chickens at age ten...I began to wonder about myself. But..as with anything..it is something that you learn to take in stride. Sorta.
Your cattle are just beautiful. Just beautiful.

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