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Friday, September 17, 2010

Grandson/Football Report

Andrew, exhausted after a late night football game, excitedly waits for the bus.  The final score last night...28 to 0, our favor.  Papa said Andrew did a great job, wish I had been there.
Jake gets to spend the night.  Papa has promised him if he listens, does his homework, and get up for school without complaining, he gets to stay At The Farm.  Jake is and has been a good boy, except for one incident.  He got a paddling at school for throwing Jello up a boy's nose...it was strawberry flavored and Jake denies it.  Jake is still staying because I think it takes a very talented young man to throw strawberry Jello UP someone's nose...Jake doesn't care for Jello.
Zander's highlight of the week was getting to eat rice through the rails of a chair.  After each bite, he would chew and then jump out to scare Marcy.  This is a boo shot.

I think my daughers threw some good pups!


Magaly Guerrero said...

They are all handsome boys, but wow! Zander's eyes are mesmerizing!

Silliyak said...

If he's a quarterback, he shows great promise!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Jake's expression and posture remind me very much of my second son, the one we call The Pony (due to the fit he threw when McDonald's dared to give him a My Little Pony carousel toy instead of a boy toy).

The way he holds the kitten is like the way The Pony held our just-born baby goat when we were trying to warm it up because the new momma goat wouldn't take care of it.

The Jello tale reminds me of the Christmas program when The Pony kicked off his 'churchy' shoe and it sailed past the teacher's head while she was directing the singers.

That picture makes me want to give Jake a big ol' hug--and I'm not a huggy person.


Way to go Jake that takes talent lol your grand children are adorable !

Grammy said...

Sound like a great foot ball team. They are all growing so fast. And such a joy. I see u have baby kittys too.

Sarah said...

Hi Gail
I haven't been by for ages and I don't know why.I love your new blog look - really professional looking and interesting to browse around.Your life is so different to mine but I love to read about you and your family, love to look at your photos.I wish I lived in such a beautiful place.Sarah x

Nezzy said...

Woohoo and congrats on the great big win Mr.Andrew...you go guy!

Yep, I do imagine it takes great skill and ability to throw strawberry jello up someones nose. He was guilty as charged right, I can read it in the eyes! Heeehehehe
Really, I can read children like a good book! :o)

Well, sparky little Zander, I must agree, there's nothin' like eatin' rice through the rails of a chair!
What a sweetheart he is.

Yep, mighty good pups your youngens threw there.

You have a super weekend girl.

BTW: I'm quite curious about Zander's name. Just sayin....

Cara said...

What was he doing with Jello at school? Everybody knows that disliked food in school lunch just goes into the garbage. Anybody who gets Jello up the nose had his nose where it didn't belong.
Paddling? At school? Somebody is overreacting. Somebody's life is too easy.

It's OK to not like Jello. It turns your poop a funny color. If there were more people in the world who didn't like Jello, there would be more for me.

Nora said...

You have terrific grandsons. I wouldn't mind sharing one or two of them with you. I don't know which one to choose, because I like all three of them equally, but I think I prefer Andrew. He sounds like he is ready to reason with. The other ones still have funny food habits.

Pat said...

Go Team GO! Okay! That's as much as this old gal can cheer for Andrew. My pom-poms are too old to shake.

Remember that saying, "Up your nose with a rubber hose"? "Up your nose with strawberry jello" must be the new thing of the millennium. That's quite a feat to THROW jello, though, and get it UP somebody's nose. Give that boy a gold medal. Oh. wait. He's supposed to be punished.

Zander's practicing eating like he's Lindsey Lohan (in jail). Ha ha

All adorable boys

Saucy Kodz said...

JELLO you say.......I am trying not to laugh. I think it takes quite the talent to accomplish that. My, how the boys have grown since this. All handsome young men.

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