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Saturday, September 25, 2010

This N That

In this picture, the beauty of the sky is marred with the power lines but if you view it just right, the power lines disappear and the beauty is all you see.  I need to do that more...make the power lines disappear and see only the beauty in every day, concentrate and make the ugly invisible.

I awakened extremely early, much to my dismay, instead of grabbing that extra two hours I could have slept, I am here with you, my friends.  Does that qualify my blogging as an addiction??

In reference to A Special Post , the bush hogging is complete and the field between the family homes is clear and free to walk.  Hubby worked on that yesterday and came armed to solve the dog problem.  Strange thing was, the bad guys fed their dogs all day to keep them in their yard!!  This is good, the starving dogs got food and Hubby did not have to eliminate an animal.

After Melissa's most recent attack, she walks now with hornet spray and it seems to be working!  The dogs would run in and bite her feet or the back of her legs and run before she could retaliate.  She was able to spray two yesterday as they were coming to attack...I guess the crazy family witnessed it and have actively tried to keep their dog pack on their own property.

Thanks for the prayers for a peaceful solution.  Hopefully, this was not just one special day but rather an indication of how it will be from now on...we shall see.

I am looking forward to my day and a half off.  The house is a mess but I am not beating myself up over it.  It will get clean or it will not, either way, life goes on.

It is still dark and I hear the roosters crowing, calling the dawn.  The air is full of fall and I know, sadly, the summer is gone.  In the blink of an eye, we will be wearing mittens and coats and wonder why Autumn didn't stay with us longer.  Such is life, we must savor each second, each day, and each experience, because, in the blink of an eye, that second, that day, that experience is gone.  Fare well, my friends, and enjoy your moments.


Ninny said...

Wonderful post. Truly enjoyed it this early morning!



Nice photo ! Have you ever tried the program for the computer PhotoShop , Hubby uses it to either touch up or re-touch his photos, like take out the power lines in the photo! I myself dont use the program ! Have a great day !

Jules said...

Wonderful post Gail. So glad the hornet spray is working and your prayers have been answered. :)

I think the power lines need to be there as a reminder. Great metaphor :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Journaling Woman said...

I missed that post! What a horrible spot to be in. I love dogs but a pack of dogs gets a little crazy and a hungry pack of dogs well...

Have a great weekend.


Nora said...

What a novel idea that those people fed their animals. It's an amazing thing and I'm glad for Den. I hope this is the future to come and that Melissa will be safe from now on.

Nezzy said...

Too bad it took a village before the animals were fed but I'm so glad things seem to be working.

The sky shot is amazing Gail. I too was up at dark thirty but ya know me. My name is Nezzy and I have an addiction to all things clean. Yep, hubby fed, house cleaned, laundry done, calls made...then I tickle the keyboard! Heeehehehe :o)

Ya'll have a beautiful weekend!!!

ellen abbott said...

Hornet spray. what a great idea! I like to walk when the weather permits and there are two dogs several blocks over that always come at you.

Rudee said...

The hornet spray is a great idea and one a former Detroit Police officer recommended I get in lieu of pepper spray for work. He says it's totally debilitating and would work better than pepper spray because of the distance at which you can spray your attacker--up to 30 feet. I've yet to buy some to carry with me.

This is a horrible situation for all involved--your daughter's family, the dogs and the poor disabled woman. Won't Adult Protective Services get involved on her behalf?

I'll add my prayers. I hate to see creatures suffer.

Nora said...

At least here I don't have a lot of power lines to look at, but not as many nice trees either, so it's always a toss up. Beautiful sky!

LindaG said...

Beautiful picture. :)
Glad to hear it about the dogs, too. Maybe someone actually put some fear into the family...

Carol............. said...

There seem to be many animals abusers out there or people that just have no clue about taking care of them.

Your picture is great...I had to actually look for the power lines when you mentioned them.

Melissa said...

This photo is gorgeous - with and without the power lines.

This was such a nice post to read this morning - and I didn't hear about your neighbors crazy dogs before (cause I'm new) but I'm thankful it got resolved in a peaceful manner!

Farm Girl said...

I read you post about your creepy neighbors. Isn't that the way it goes, we had to move to where we live now because the family across the street had 10 kids and it was like the dogs, they didn't feed them or take care of them and if you crossed them they did property damage. On Sundays the Sheriff lived there it seemed.
I will pray the move. What a nightmare to have to deal with.
Not to mention the fear of your family and animals being hurt by the dogs.
Gosh, it made my hands sweat just reading your post.
I hope the situation gets better.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I feel bad for animals with ignorant owners. Have a great day.

carolina nana said...

What you say about how we should find the beauty in things is soooo true.
Maybe prayers are working for your daughter's situation.God does work in strange ways sometimes.
Have a blessed Sunday

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