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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Triumph Or Tears...

Sometimes with the seventh graders, it is one or the other.  It was a rough game.  We played a much larger school this time...therefore the football players were MUCH larger too.
We are the little red guys.  I know there is one tiny yellow in the middle but the rest of them were giants.
Hubby said they were taller than him when he stood beside them.  Coaches said they learned their lesson about scheduling a game with a school bigger than us.  We were outta our class and out-sized.
Seventy-One is Andrew playing with an injured leg.  These guys played hard.  No yardage was gained without a battle on both sides.  Four yards, six yards, both sides creeped through their plays.  We lost but the team did good.  They blocked, they tackled, they ran, they held and they fell.

I heard the opposing team's crowd yelling, Hit 71's leg!  The opponents had holding called and were not very good sportsmen.  I will sleep well, our guys played hard and honest...they did good.

I did not look at the score board.  I looked at the team and I was proud.  They gave it their all and played with their hearts.  They remained a team, a working unit and they never gave an inch easily.

Wait until next time, Bombers!


tberry29 said...

I dont like it when the fans start yelling for the kids to make low-blows like that...very unsportsman like indeed. My son is so very hard on himself, they won and he was still upset, saying he didnt block well. He gets all serious about his football lemme tell ya. Great shots you took. I posted some pics as well from tonight if ya wanna check em out. Good nite.

Jules said...

Yes being a team and giving all is what really matters.

Have you seen that brawl from a pee-wee football game? Parents scare me sometimes. :|
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LindaG said...

I'm glad to hear your team maintained their teamwork and manners.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Good for them they did a great job as a team. I played hockey as a kid and some of the parents were unreal yelling at all the kids and scolding their own kids ,in some sports its the crowd and the parents that ruen it for the kids ! I had one person yell at me , they told me to get off the ice I suck, so I yelled back at them," you get out here and see if you can do any better I dare ya to " well that shut them up for good ! cause they couldn't skate lol . Have a good weekend ! WAY TO GO GUYS !!! WOOOOHOOO !

Pat said...

I like to hear that a team played hard and FAIR. Not the other team who PURPOSELY went after Andrew's injured leg. That is AWFUL!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

HOW I love kids!! Guess that's why I had so many!

Wow, I remember those day with my sons. They played Pop Warner football..and me..I sold hotdogs and cokes in at the refreshment bar. It was fun...yep..they took a beating from time to time. My sons were very small for their age and never got any taller than 5'8" and 5'10 max. Grandson's made it to 6'3" and 6'4" All tall.
It was fun..neat memory.

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