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Monday, June 8, 2009

Marcy's Flower Day

This is not even one tenth of Marcy's beautiful flowers. Marcy is also the photographer. Enjoy!
A rose
Black-eyed Susans

Oriental Lily


Double Hollyhock

Can't remember!

Garlic bloom

Oriental Lily



SkippyMom said...

Picture Postcard Perfect! I would love to see the garden I bet it is gorgeous.

[My verification word is dasie - heehee, not exactly the spelling, but pretty funny. Oh, speaking of daisies do you have any on the farm? They are my favorites!]

Carla said...

my, my, my!!! The first perfect rose is why people put up with their thorns!!!
Art by Marcy (and Mother Nature)

Rudee said...

Wow. Amazing! It looks like you're surrounded by beauty.

Kerrie said...

Love them. We call those flowers you can't remember the name of, Pinks but I don't think that is the proper name.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Tell Marcy those are beautiful flowers and good photos too. The one you can't remember is called Sweet William, I think.

Jeannelle said...

Beautiful, beautiful! The one you can't remember is "Dianthus", also called "Pinks" as mentioned in an earlier comment. I have some in bloom right now. Have never seen Double Hollyhocks before.

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