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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Walking In The Heat

can be rather dangerous these days. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery and tried not to see all the work waiting to be done.

These are effects from our ice storm last winter but it good to know life is growing out of the destruction. We are getting the few acres around the house cleared. Ten acres down and one hundred plus to go.

We have a few, uh, many brush piles.

These limbs, called hangers, are the most dangerous. If they decide to fall while you are under them, they can even kill you. We do not have the equipment needed to remove these. We will have to wait on Mother Nature and watch out when the wind is blowing.

I am almost to the creek and then I will cool my feet and rest before the last part of my journey home.


Oz Girl said...

We had much clean-up from that ice storm (last weekend in March I think it was?) We just burned a huge brush pile a few weeks ago. But before summer is out, there are more trees to trim and there will be yet another brush pile...

We only have 26 acres, and sometimes I feel like the property maintenance is never-ending. I can't imagine having as much as you do!

Rudee said...

I can't imagine having all of that work on my agenda. You do have to take it easy in that heat though. Here's hoping a cool breeze blows your way.

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