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Monday, June 1, 2009

This N That

First day back to work after nine days off. I discovered I can not spell, think, add, or read any more! My foot gave me fits and developed quite a knot on top of it but much better than before medicine.

Came home to Marcy's Magic...potato cakes, caramel rolls and ham in a blanket. She fixes some things and I add to it for dinner. Last night it was freshly caught Bass from the pond.

Bev was almost in tears because she hit a root and bent the blade on the riding mower. I said Bev you use stuff, things happen, not your fault. I called her at home after Den had fixed it to make her feel better. She had just bent a piece of metal rather than the blade and Den knocked that right back into place. Bev sure was happy cause she thinks she tears up lots of equipment, heck, she is the only one that has been using the lawn care equipment...none of us have the time.

My bestest friend, Belinda, from Georgia sent me probably a bushel of fresh Vidalia onions. I think they cull them in the fields and if there is a small blemish or they are not shaped right, they give them away to who ever wants to pick them up. One place just feeds them to their cows. Not a thing wrong with them that I can see, except they are fresher than the ones in the store.

One bathroom is finished. Miracle working Bev has painted my whole bathroom, changed the color scheme, added shelves and it looks so good! I can't decide whether to sit on the screen porch or just take a book and sit in the bathtub. She had redone it when she was living here and caring for Dad. Bev said it was time for a makeover and who am I to argue with my decorator???

Awards day tomorrow at school and Andrew will be out of school til the middle of August. He is so glad! Not exactly a school lover, but he endures.

We have four calves now. Den loaded up last years and took them to the sale barn. I kinda hated it but he has to build fence so we can feed more but gotta sell some to get money for more fence. You farmers out there know what I'm talking about. We do have one up to fatten for this year's beef. TBone was so delicious and tender last year, I can not wait til this one is ready. Gelbvieh meat is so much better then any I have had, more marbling, more tender, more flavorful...now I'm getting hungry! Den has not named this one yet, maybe he will be Sirloin.

I have blabbered enough.



Rudee said...

Wise advice about that backhoe. Sorry you had to go back to work ;-(

troutay said...

Sorry you are having health issues.
The pic of the truck reminds me of a story: MIT students took their professor's vw apart and carried it piece by piece up on top of a building and reassembled it.

I have no idea if they liked this professor or not, but it was a funny thing.

The Gossamer Woman said...

That was a long ramble for you with lots of information. I hope in the meantime that your faculties have returned to you. It sounds like everybody is pulling their weight, including you by going back to work after not taking nine days off like the doctor said you should. The farm is a regular family business.

DesertHen said...

You guys are all so busy! I'm sure going back to work after nine days was hard to do! Loved the photo of that truck!

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