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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fall Lingers...And I Shoot From The Hip

as the rains fall gently.
Mother Nature knows we need moisture.
It  promotes the growth of autumn things.

Marcy captured the uniqueness of Creation.
...and the rains continued.

Okay, who am I trying to fool with my fluffy posts?  Myself?  I cringe every time I write some empty nothing post just to fill a spot.  That was never my plan and yet, I tend to do this when things are not so fluffy.  I guess, I want every one to think my life is a bowl of cherries.  Well, I don't know what planet you came from but from here, life is rarely a bowl of cherries.  It is a mixed bag of nuts, sometimes with a few cherries on top.

Now, for the real update:  After all the torture at the doctor, the cast has been removed and I have returned to work with my big girl panties on and my wrist wrapped.  I still wince and cry out when it moves a certain way, the only difference is now, I have a new knot on my wrist from the injection site. So much for the wonderful world of doctors or, giving some doctors credit, so much for this one egomaniac.

And while I have been incapacitated my people I live with jumped in and cleaned house, cooked and kept up with all the things I normally do, showing great concern for my welfare and recovery...Not!

I have added severe headaches to my maladies so retirement is looking better all the time...at least then, I can be miserable out of the public eye.

You have just been served a dish of honesty for your breakfast, sorry, but hope it went well with your coffee.
My wish for you today, may there be more cherries.


Country Gal said...

Honesty is the best policy ! I thought this post was good ! I get all were your coming from. I hope you feel better and get back to normal soon. I dont think anyones life is a bowl full or cherries for if it is they live in LALA Land ! I know ours isnt and its also full of nuts and then some ! Try to have a good day my friend ! Remember I am only and E-mail away !

Nezzy said...

Now, don't hold back sister...just tell it like it is! Heeehehhehe!

I do believe that honesty shine brightly in our post and it's best not to show our world through rose colored glasses.

I tend to write on the humorous side, no really I do! :o) I also try to punch it with a bit of reality 'cause people have us country folk livin' in some kinda dream paradise when in reality it's full of poverty and manure allot of the time.

You go girl...I love your honesty!

God bless and please feel my hugs and prayers headed your way!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm right in the middle of those nuts with you right now. :) I suppose being in that place should make us more grateful for the few cherries that fall our way but mostly I'm just too tired to notice them I think. I hope you get to retire soon. It really does get a bit easier after that. blessings, marlene

The Musical Gardener said...

Hello, I'm new to your site, so I really don't know what all has transpired in your life of late.

Chin up, dark days are always followed by brighter ones. Eventually the cherries do surface - but why do we have to put up with all the pits along the way?

Writing about it can only help. I was going through a fairly dismal phase in life when I started blogging and I found it very therapeutic. I often found I had to write about something upbeat, or go take a few photos, just to keep up my blog, which in turn made me happier.

As Nezzy said above (who is the most positive blogger I know) life is filled with a fair bit of manure, but look what manure does for your garden.

Have a good day, and I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2012.

TexWisGirl said...

sometimes reality gets in the way of the dream. i appreciate you sharing a healthy dose of it, and hope your situation gets better!

Dreaming said...

For me, if I write things down, get them off my chest, keep them from bubbling and percolating and rising up and overtaking everything, it makes me feel better. It helps me put things in perspective. It makes it real and since they are real, it justifies my anger and frustration, and for some reason, just that acknowledgment makes it just a tiny bit better.
I was so excited when you wrote that folks jumped in to help... until I read the "Not!" at the end. :((( to them!
So, I'm sending you some virtual cherries and (((((hugs))))). Send me your snail mail and I'll send you some real cherries, if that would help ;-)

Farm Girl said...

I do hope you feel better and of course, even in your distress, you are funny. I need you to keep my perspective when all I see is nuts and not many cherries. :) Get better soon, I mean like you can right?

Judy said...

Sorry that things are not as you have hoped...My candle is burning...I'll add your name to the list...

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog - why not come over and post it at hay-net.co.uk an Equine Social Blogging Network!

Rae said...

So sorry to hear of all your problems, but it is nice to have someone share something other than a rosy mix of perfection. I like hearing that I am not the only one with some nuts in my life.

Mary Ann said...

Hey! Great post! If I am ever writing a drivi-ly piece, it's because I am usually having a bad day myself. Love the new header, by the way.


Love the pic of the flipflops and the feet at the heading. Very clever.
You're always so honest and sincere and I always enjoy your blog.
We are who and what we are and we need to be ourselves on here. If you read my blog you know I go thru highs and low lows with my health. It's not the life I want but it's the one I have. So we have to go with what we have.
Sending you prayers and blessings. May you heal soon.
Thanks for sharing. That way we don't feel alone.

Nora said...

Although I know you hate to do it, it's always best to be honest and to come right out and say how the cherry bowl is also filled with pits. It's also good to get things off your chest and air them publicly instead of walking around with them by yourself. And your readers really do care enough about you to take that in stride. They love you, so don't worry about unloading your heart. XOX

LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥
I think it helps to post how things are going.
I'm sorry to hear that no one pitched in. Wish I could be there to help you. ♥

Sue said...

Sometimes the real deal is the best post of all.

And I am wishing some more cherries your way!


Anonymous said...

Surely you were served and pampered while you are ailing. I know that is how it works around here, NOT! Hope you have a happy and blessed new year.

SaucyKod said...

Been there, felt that - no one came, however when money was offered, they offered help. Wasn't the way I was brought up - people, family, friends, unknowns just helped each other asking nothing in return. There are good folks out there that don't mind helping clear the nuts in the bowl and give you cherries to brighten your day. I know this time has passed, as I am reading a past post, but it seems your mind is wandering, like you are not settled - like you have no real space of your own. Are you just carrying on the duties of the farm and just being responsible to keep it up - is it too much for you to accomplish or do you really deep in your heart wish you were stashed away in a small apartment somewhere with little or no responsibilities? I did read your newest post today and have not commented on it yet, for I stumbled upon this one. I know what it is like to be alone, when ailing and I know what it is like to suffer alone, but my stubborn nature usually helps me through my toughest times. Life has thrown some rough gales at me, but I have this stronger will to survive - Gail, you work harder in your retirement and you seem to be the person in charge of getting things done, whether it is inside or outside the house. Was it not your dream to take over the farm and the land and all that came with it one day. Is it your dream today or do you just feel a responsibility to do it? Life sure ain't just a bowl of cherries, but they do come our way occassionally. Hope your day is a little brighter today.

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