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Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Off Today...

well, I'm really off every day.  Yesterday, I forgot my bra...worked an hour before I realized what was missing! 

Too many irons in the fire.  Please tell me, I'm not alone.  What did you forget today?

Today I pick my glasses since my sugar is fine.  Doc has given me a clean bill of health except for the crazy part...she won't sign off on that.
How many shop keepers greet you with a hug?
This isn't standard,
 but I'm seeing many people I haven't seen for a while.
This lady, just one year ago, lost her house to a fire,
along with every thing she owned...no insurance.
I discovered she is attending college,
doing well,
and is training to be a nurse.
Proof to me that there is hope,
even in your darkest hour.
The "family sale" is doing well. 
We have more people each weekend.
I think when we graduate to a shop,
it shall be called "Pete's Repeats",
in honor of Dad.

When Toni returns (my nephew, builder of the building),
we may expand to include a cafe.
We have lots of good cooks in the family.
Toni wanted to honor his grandparents with his business.
Who knows,
 it may be called Pete's Repeats and Edna's Eats!!!
For someone who is tired of working for the public,
I certainly have a strange choice of a second job!


♥ Helen said...

You forgot your bra...ha ha :)
Don`t worry - I forget things all the time (can`t find my keys, where is my phone, and once I did not find my purse and it was hanging on my shoulder...)

Just Plain Tired said...

Huh.... I have to admit I never rememer to put a bra on myself. Am I missing out on something? :)

Journaling Woman said...

That's great about your friend. The human spirit wants to look for the hope in life. Some grab it when they find it others just give up.

I wish I were closer to your shop, I'd be visiting. Maybe next summer.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Considering my anatomy forgetting my bra isn't likely to happen. However, yesterday on my way to the dentist (an hour away) I remembered that I forgot to brush my teeth before I left. Now how could I forget that last brushing! I had to stop at Wal Mart, buy a brush and toothpaste, and stop by a friend's to beg the use of her bathroom! I am so glad that in Heaven my memory is going to be perfect. It is going to be perfect, right? blessings, marlene

Buttons said...

Oh Gail I am sorry I am still laughing.I forget everything. Yesterday i forgot my keys I was standing outside the locked door wondering where in my purse they were on this note I think I hate purses. I hve no idea why a carry a bag full of things I do not need. Anyway the keys were sitting on my table in the house. All worked out. I may forget my bra I hate bras and purses it seems this week.
I love Pete's Repeats what a nice tribute. Edna's eats sounds great I would eat there.
I am so happy things are going well at your new business. Hug a nurse today I love it. B

ArtyMarti said...

I have been known to forget a thing or two. But I always blame it on my age (actually its because I'm not paying attention--but don't tell)

ellen abbott said...

I forget stuff all the time and then there are the times when I dont forget stuff but think I did. The shop and cafe sound great.

Nezzy said...

It's so good to hear about a person who can rise up from the ashes...literally!!!

Yep, it never fails...one door closes and God always have another one open and ready for us.

I love the names...Pete's Repeats and Edna's Eats!!!! Sure made me chuckle!

God bless ya girl and have a beautifully productive weekend!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Gail! I would like to forget my bra..I did forget my reading glasses on Monday..luckily I have a spare pair in the car.
The shop sounds great! I wish you much success with it..and the name is way cool.
Good news with your checkup! :)

Anonymous said...

Pete's Repeat's sounds like a great name to me. Wish I had a job like that, sounds real fun. Think a cafe sounds like a great idea :) Have a great weekend! Hugs x

Michaele said...

What's a bra? hehe The store looks great! If you can get past the health department, the cafe would be fun. People will buy food over everything else. Wish I could come shop.

Sue said...

I would love to get a look inside that shop! And the eatery sounds appealing, too.

I also love the names!


TexWisGirl said...

that's so cool! and i love the family business name (or names!)

Jo said...

I often forget my reading glasses, so have pairs all around the house, one in my handbag/purse another in my basket which I take to market or to town. Last week I struggled to breathe. So badly I almost fainted. To find relief, I started taking my clothes off, starting with my tee-shirt. I found that I'd twisted my bra in the middle before fastening it! Ha! I love your shop and the business names. Such an honour would surely be blessed. Have a great weekend, my friend. (((hugs))) Jo

Country Gal said...

Oh Gail this all sounds wonderful ! Would be great to have maybe a coffee/tea shop with home made goodies ! Thats awful about the ladies house, but it is a happy ending that she is doing so well now ! Ok forgetting your bra ? girl I would trip over mine if I did that lol short women here but was cursed with big boobs lol always teased by friends saying they can see them come around the corner before ya see me lol ! Glad to hear the Doc has given ya a clean bill of health. I am so pleased all is going good for you now ! Have a great day my friend !

A Quiet Corner said...

LOL! I've gone out numerous times wearing my "cami" bras that I wear around the house...YIKES...:)JP

Nora said...

I did forget to put on my lipstick today and felt naked. I'm not likely to forget my bra, I really need it.

The shop looks great and the names sound very good also. The fact that they rhyme also helps. I would go with them.

I'm sure your doctor did not say you were crazy, you loon.


An English Shepherd said...

Hugs are nice :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..would you look at all you and your sisters have accomplished??!! It looks wonderful. You had all that stuff in a ..house? Wasn't it all stuff from your parents home? I just remember people breaking in and stealing your family things..made me want to drop kick someone!
Will you give up the post office and just do the family business? SOUNDS wonderful. My eldest son has a bakery..and sometimes we have family dinners there. ALWAYS New Years Day it is closed and everyone gathers there.
If they could just make peace with one another...upsetting.
Anyway...everything looks great and it sounds like the word is getting out! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Gail..I am ALWAYS forgetting something. Since I don't wear a bra around the house..I ..yes..I have forgotten and had to turn around at the market and come home!
Never forgot it when I worked though...comfy though, isn't it? LOL

Dreaming said...

I love "Pete's Repeats ad Edna's Eats"!
I can't' forget my bra. I am really uncomfortable without it. But... I do forget to brush my teeth and take my morning medications... often!

Callie said...

Love the store name... I'd come eat and shop there for sure. Hope you get some rest.

Grammy said...

I love the names. And I don't forget my bra. I forget I own one some where. :)

DesertHen said...

I forget things as well. Like only putting one earring in or putting mascara on the right eye and not the left! I put on two different socks recently while wearing a cute pair of flats that showed the socks. I felt silly all day! Sometimes I wonder about my brain...ugh!

I hope you enjoyed your day off!

Great names for the businesses! Edna's Eats has a great ring to it!

Pat said...

If I forgot my bra I'd be tripping around all day!

Like the name - Pete's Repeats!

Glad the business is really taking off!

Ms. ~K said...

Since retirement, my girls are usually free! :)
Happy Weekend!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've left the house without a bra a few times. Then I feel so naked and can't feel comfortable doing anything because all I can think about is that I'm bra-less. lol!

I had no idea you had a resale shop. Cool beans! Love the names for the resale shop and cafe, you're considering, too.
Does this mean you get to quit the PO job?


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