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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Controversial Politically Incorrect Opinion!

Nigger was just a word to me that had no meaning...no connection.  Many people called their black dogs "Nig" when I was a child and we "nigger-rigged" lots of things. 

We had black people.  They were just people...just like blonds, red heads, just people.  We all cried when a school refused to play our basketball team because Rosella was a member...just another good ball player to us, one of the team.  That is when I first heard the word "nigger" as a bad word and disliked, no, hated the reference.  Rather than take Rosella off the team, the team did not play the schools that forbade her color on the court.

Being politically correct is a pain in the behind, sometimes they are just words, it's how you use them that makes them ugly.  I still "nigger-rig" things and forget to be PC.  It's just a word for making do with what you've got until you can do it better.

I truly think prejudice was best defined by a Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints commercial from many years ago.  A grandfather and grandson were fishing in a small boat on a lake or pond.  The grandson says, "Grandpa, my Jewish friend says I'm prejudice.  What is that?"  Grandpa answered, "It's when you say your 'Jewish friend' and not just your 'friend'."
...And that is my controversial politically incorrect opinion for the day. 


SaucyKod said...

I agree 100% - kinda like here people of Newfoundland were always called Newfies and where I'm from Cape Bretoners were always called Capers etc,etc etc - well, not so in our so called politically correct world today.
You know the term Biker n Biker Chick. Well, being a kinda laughable, funny gal, I said that to my friend one day on her motor bike - "Like nice bike there biker chick" - well, she came aboard me and very nastilly said - "I am not and never will be called a biker chick - I am a motorcycle enthusiast". Yeah, right. This play on words surely started a war on certain words and I like your definition of prejudice. Very well said. Thanks for your "controversial politically incorrect opinion" kiddo. I really do enjoy your posts. Have a great day. Cheers

Country Gal said...

Thats one word I have never liked or like to hear . Here they are called black or african american . As for SaucyKo's comment I am proud to be an ex biker chick from back in the day. If you ride a Harley you are a biker or biker chick thats they way it has been from day one . Good post Gail and to be honest being politically correct sucks for some issues like here it was fround upon to say kill two birds with one stone WHAT !! are you kidding get real ! I say what I want freedome of speach and if no one likes it dont listen thats my moto ! Have a good day my friend !

Farm Girl said...

I ponder stuff like this all of the time. I think what I have learned are the people who say the most offensive things are the ones who are always talking about color instead of people. My son has been filling out job applications. Talk about racist. It really is worse than when we were kids and we just said those things for black. I remember dogs with that name. Since when is a person his color? A lady called me a White Woman the other day. I looked at her shocked, I said, you just called me a white woman, why? That is so racist. She just looked shocked. I said I am everything but white. I am a mix just because I look white on the outside.
She said she was sorry,she never thought about that.

Dreaming said...

I had never heard that commercial but LOVE it! Wish it were playing, still!
I have similar feelings and experiences. As a teacher I had students: Smart students, struggling students, funny students, and yes, some that were gonna be 'the end of me'! But they didn't stand out to me for their color, ethnicity or social status. I worked with teachers and principals for who color wasn't transparent. It was sad to see prejudice, and even more maddening, reverse prejudice in this day and age.

ellen abbott said...

This is how I feel about it. When I learn that a word or a slang term is offensive or demeaning to the person to whom it refers, then I try to erase it from my vocabulary because I do not want to hurt or demean anyone based on their color or ethnicity.

I was raised not to use that word. Even in the rhyme for choosing who goes first...one potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four, catch a 'fellow' by the toe, etc.

My uncle and aunt in east Texas did use it and every summer when I went to stay with them for a week or two, it never failed to horrify me every time they used it to refer to a black person. I wouldn't say that they were racist. I think they treated black people with respect and cared for the ones that worked for them or rented their shacks from them but I also don't think they ever thought a black person was the equal of a white person.

Nezzy said...

My daddy was on of the biggest bigots on earth. I grew up in an all~white community but was exposed to other races when I traveled to my grandmothers in Albuquerque and other places.

It always hurt my heart to hear dad talk the way he did 'bout other people.

Needless to say I was raise with all the comments and slang. At a young age I knew we were all God's children...brothers and sisters in Christ.

I never used the terms. I 'jerry~rig' things, :o) Heeehehehe!!!

Deep subject sweetie, 'forgot my high water waders!

Enjoy this beautiful day my friend.

God bless ya!!!

Sue said...

I'm with Ellen. I pretty much go with whether the person or group of people the word is applied to feel(s) good about it or not. This particular word is one my parents did not allow us to say.

I recently stopped saying the word "retard" because parents of special needs kids are clearly hurt by it. We used to call each other that when I was young, and my kids used to do the same.

Having said that, I think that political correctness can be carried to the ridiculous extreme these days. At one elementary school I know of, the kids were having to say "spring" candy instead of "Easter" candy. How dumb is that??


Tamara said...

I completely agree with you and living in the south now has made me even more away of "words". It's confusing to be politically incorrect and I find myself tending to just say the words i've said all my life...because they are just words. They are not meant to be racist or prejudice to anything of the sort...just words. We still nigger-rig stuff also. lol

LindaG said...

Like your post, Gail.

I don't like Politically correct. It's a pain in the rear, just like you said.

Have a great day!

Shannon said...

Very good post. I grew up in Louisiana, where that word was common. But it wasn't a slur, it was just a word. I often heard people people described as "good niggers" (it meant they were good workers) and we "nigger rigged" everything (it meant we fixed it in an unorthodox, clever way).

I live in New Jersey now, where "the N word" is taboo. Instead, they talk about "those people". "You know how those people are", "You don't want to move to that town, those people live there". There is more hatred and disgust intoned in the phrase "those people" than I have ever heard in my life. And it's perfectly PC. Just goes to show that you can be perfectly PC and still an ignorant bigot.

Carol Henrichs said...

Gail, first of all, I agree with what you say. This might be considered a very gutsy blog post where I come from, south side of Chicago, where racism is very much alive and well. I'm not sure why though since African-Americans often call themselves and their friends "nigger."

I agree with the other posts--it is just a word. The real racism comes from those who use it, why, and how.

My perspective is as a Caucasian, so I may lack the black perspective, but truthfully, I am more offended by the term, "the 'n' word." It is also offensive to me to bleep words on television. I believe in realism and truth. I hate censorship in our free-speech world. We learn from it. But then I don't have a movement, nor do I care enough to call attention to it.

The word 'nigger' was obviously so offensive to some that they did call attention. I can't help question the motive and suggest it was done just for attention. Where I come from there is a real movement, not for equality, but a step above that. As usual, I believe reaction over the word 'nigger' has been overblown. Banning a word won't cure racism.

There are bigots on all sides of the color spectrum. We need only one fact however; all of us are already constitutionally equal. Words really mean nothing, except unless of course, you want to gain a little publicity.

A Quiet Corner said...

Purposefully stated and in total agreement...a friend IS a friend!...:)JP

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I don't know, Gail. There is just so much pain connected to the word I guess. I don't think it's anything those of us who are not black can begin to understand. I've read a couple of old books of late that used the word..and it's now a part of our history. I don't think we should forget..or we could possibly darned well repeat history.
It's just a word..but I don't care to be called a bitch. A bitch is just a female dog..but when used when addressing me or someone I know...I get immediately upset.

You are brave. The word is really just something in the dictionary that began meaning wi th "dark" or "black" I think.
Don't anyone go off half cocked and get on me ..I just thinking out loud. I hate being beat up..so don't try. :)
Mercy, what a world we live in!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I was well into adulthood before it was brought to my attention that "jewing" someone down on the price was not a very politically correct thing to do.

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