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Monday, June 8, 2015


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When we went to the garden to work I told Hubby I smell a skunk. He looked at me like I had gone crazy.  He smelled nothing.  The dogs and I did!  I worked in the garden as the dogs tracked down the smell.  A disturbed Copperhead snake gives off a musky smell, not unlike a skunk.  I guess the snake was pretty disturbed.  Good dogs found it and took care of it and I knew nothing.  Until Hubby salvaged some pieces.  All the farm dogs helped, that's why there so many pieces.  I certainly am glad they have my back.
Bonnie and Junior inspect one piece they had left.
Good dogs!!!
Gooooood dogs!
Scary looking?  Imagine one biting you.

Reminded me of a version of the song we used to jump rope to:

Yellow, yellow Cinderella
Went upstairs to kiss a fella
Made a mistake 
And kissed a snake
How many doctors 
Did it take?

and you counted each successful jump of the rope.  I don't think kissing a snake has ever crossed my mind...it was just a good rhyme for jumping rope.


Saucy Kodz said...

WOW, that's one ugly looking mouth on that snake and those teeth - look at the size of those things. Nah, I'm wearing high boots when I come to visit.....and imagine you running around in flip flops with these in the area. Now I see why the dogs accompany you. Good Dogs, doing good job of that snake.

jo(e) said...

Whoa. We have only harmless garter snakes and common water snakes where I live. I guess if I lived anywhere with snakes like that, I'd definitely want some dogs!

Lynne said...

No kissy of a snake for me but I loved the jump rood rhyme!
Good dogs, by the way!

Sandra said...

soooo glad the dogs did their job and dispatched that snake.. i did not know they smelled.. glad it was not a skunk and the dogs did not get sprayed.. i have not heard that jump rope ditty, but heard a lot similar

eileeninmd said...

Good doggies! It is great that they can take care of the awful snakes for you! I guess they are not bothered by snake bites? Have a happy day and week ahead!

Dreaming said...

We lived with lots of Copperheads in SC, and I never knew that they could smell skunky. Wow! One day of our dogs had a special bark that meant poisonous snake. But our dogs never took care of them. Glad your dogs know how to do it without getting hit by one fangs.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Copperhead snakes are dangerous for sure. I'm sure I've told you this before, but when I was a kid, my dad was always getting copperhead bit. So much so, that eventually, the venom did nothing to him. Ha. He's a character.

Oh my goodness, that picture of Bonnie in the header makes me want to come visit you so that I can smooch her wonderful face.

TexWisGirl said...

mine have gotten bit enough (and with their age comes wisdom) so they sound the alarm but stay back from it. i go get my shovel. :)

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Wow- can I borrow your pups for a few days..we've had snakes coming out of the pond like crazy!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good job give those dogs an extra treat:)

Sketching with Dogs said...

No, I don't think I would like one of those to bite me!
Lynne x

Sandy said...


Good Dogs!!! They're going to protect your from those mean poisonous snakes.
I think I need to borrow your dogs. Found a cooper head in the garden today.

Linda Kay said...

Not a good snake to mess with, so glad the dogs were able to get it without getting bit. Do they have snake shots?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good dogs and glad it didn't bite one of them.

Lowcarb team member said...

Goodness me ... well done dogs.

I must say your skipping rhyme bought back memories of playground games and verses. Skipping could / can be so much fun - must get a skipping rope and give it another try ... perhaps with my grand-daughter

Thank You

All the best Jan

camp and cottage living said...

I wouldn't ever consider going outside without your dogs, Gail!!
Thank goodness you have them.

LindaG said...

You have great dogs, Gail. Glad they got the job done!
Have a blessed week! ♥

Bethany Carson said...

Good job to the dogs! They're good to have around!

Karen S. said...

Great work pups. (Did I mention I love Bonnie's photo in your blog header, so cute.

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