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Friday, March 25, 2011

Farm Friend Friday...

at the Verde Farm visit other farms or link for others to visit your place. Lots of farming to enjoy!
The grass is greening up around here.
 The stock is very happy and enjoying the spring's tender grass.
The tulips that survived the deer feasting are making a stunning show for us.
Fruit trees are beginning to bloom,
still with a chance of frost, we are crossing our fingers.
Hubby checks out his Gelbvieh herd.
Tagging babies sure is easier when they hit the ground.
Last year we didn't get to it 'til they were three months old!
We will NOT make that mistake again.
We are both too old to cowboy!


Rae said...

Nice seeing those signs of Spring in your neck of the woods.

Rural Rambler said...

What a lovely Friday morning At The Farm Gail! Love those babies with their ear gear!

LindaG said...

Enjoyed the photos. :)
What is he feeding them? Just curious.

Hope you all have a great weekend! ♥

Country Gal said...

Love the photos. Looks like a nice day down on the farm.
Have a great day !

Dreaming said...

Happy morning at the farm!
The calves are so cute!

Nezzy said...

Castration is a whole lot easier too as they hit the ground. That is, if ya'll can outrun the wild~eyed mad mama cow!!! Heeehehehe!!!

Love the photos girl...is your ground white??? Ice covers my deck right no and the sleet woke me up several time through the night. We gotta find that Spring again! :o)

Gos bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic Friday!!! :o)

EmptyNester said...

Such beautiful pictures! Makes me want to live on a farm...until I remember all the work you have to do. LOL

Rudee said...

Sure wish it would warm up here so I could see some flowers, too.

I do so love pictures of the herd. They're so beautiful.

Sue said...

Oh, I do love that horse! What a beauty.


Nora said...

Thanks for the lovely photos, Gail. Have a good weekend.

gtyyup said...

You've really got spring going!!! Lovely herd too.

Our first hit the ground yesterday, and My Man and I just this mornin' said the same thing about taggin' this year!

Home In The Hollow said...

I can't imagine tagging calves when they're 3 months...that is nightmarish!...:)JP

carolina nana said...

Can definitely relate to the tagging calves as soon as they hit the ground,however Hubbie and I are so slow now we need someone to distract the mama !!!
Have a blessed weekend

cherie said...

The photos are great, especially the flowers and the calves with their "pierced earrings"

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wonderful post, Gail! Nothing is blooming here, yet and I rather like it that way....'cause I really want a good harvest of peaches and apples. We are getting some little sprigs of grass poking up. Have no idea how that's possible, though, since we've not had a lick of rain since last August.

Are the Gelbvieh cattle gentle? Are the Mamas more willing to let you handle their babies after birth?
Imagining you and your family trying to wrestle big calves, makes me giggle a little. Sounds like y'all got some wisdom from experience. hehe!


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