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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Walk and Work...

 I tried to enjoy an early morning walk but somehow I always get sidetracked.  First I spied the Mule and all the trash hubby had accumulated.  I ended up cleaning out the bed of the Mule. Three full feed sacks later, I'm not out of the yard.

Whistling up the dogs, I head toward the barn, gathering hay strings as I go...two large wrapped bundles, I stash them to pick up on my way back and continue on my leisurely walk.

Arriving at my destination, a blocked culvert, I survey the problem.  A log has floated against the entrance, trapped debris, causing the heavy rains to go over the culvert, dropping rocks in its passage.
Yep, that's a problem and it's way down there.  I slide in and begin to dig out the blockage.  First the log, then the limbs, then the rocks.
The water had been clear.
I climb into the culvert
and soon am reminded, I really don't like tight places.
I hear the tractor coming, after I am finished.
Knot hears it, too.
No treats today but they all got a good scratching.
Their coats are shedding so time to find that curry comb.
Impeccable timing on hubby's part,
I am headed back to the house.
Charme stops for her scratching and the hair flies,
a good sign that spring is really here.
My little darlings settle down to graze,
and I back track, picking up my string,
heading to the house for a drink.
What happened to my leisurely walk?


Lou Belcher said...

Beautiful picture. Not easy Sunday over there, but hopefully you'll get your leisurely walk later.


LindaG said...

Beautiful horses. :)
I don't like tight places either. I probably would have just told the hubby. ;)

Have a great week! ♥

Sue said...

One thing I've learned from reading your blog: Leisure of any kind is definitely not a sure thing on the farm.

But when it does come, it is worth its weight in gold.


Michaele said...

If you want a leisurely walk, looks like it better be on the neighbor's property. Looks like a wonderful day. Your horses are beautiful.

marcia at Child in Harmony said...

This is my first visit. I love your blog. Is Charme a Haflinger?
I love your humor.

happy day!

Nora said...

You should have let hubby take care of those things and continued on your leisurely walk. It sounds to me like he was getting ready to do them. You cut him off at the pass. Don't be so eager the next time. You are much to conscientious.


Jacque. said...

Love the photos! Hope you get your leisurely walk in sometime soon!

Chloe said...

hey love the photos an can sympathise with you on the leisurely. We have a farm were currently in the process of fixing up addd to the challenge no electricity, phone line, barely passable driveway can sometimes be comically chaotic

did i mention the 15 horses including 1 wild stallion

like your blog check out mine to


Nezzy said...

Focus girl....you were out to take a walk!!! Heeehehehe!!!

I do the same thing! Maybe we need to work on our attention span! :o)

God bless and have a super day my friend! :o)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

YOU are about the busiest woman I have ever known. You would have not caught me in a drain pipe..nosireee... You brave, brave woman!!

CTG Ponies said...

No leisurely walk but you got quite a bit accomplished.

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