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Friday, March 4, 2011

Through Marcy's Eyes...

You may remember Marcy's camera died.
Our gift to her is a new camera for her birthday.
Marcy is my oldest sister
and delights us with her photos.
The mineral block on a rock drill core.
Spring is coming.
Marcy sees things I may never notice.
Her perceptions are fascinating
Her subjects are extraordinary.
Thank you, Marcy, for fixing my lunch,
for canning the produce,
for loving us all,
and for the great pictures.
Happy Birthday, Marcy!


Jo said...

Happy birthday Marcie. Your images are indeed unusual and special.

the canned quilter said...

Happy Birthday Marcie from the Canned Quilter and the gang at Hickery Holler : )

Nezzy said...

Now you run right over and give that precious Marcy a big old Ozark hug from my neck of the woods.


Your eye for the usual beauty you capture has entertained and amazed us through your photography ability.

Thank you dear Marcy!!!!!!

God bless and have a great day celebratin' your dear sis. Hopefully they'll be heaps of cake piled high with yummy icin'. (the only reason I eat cake) Heeehehehe!!!

Have a good one and 'blow out them candles!!!' :o)

Jenean said...

Happy birthday to Marcy!

ellen abbott said...

ditto! happy birthday to Marcy.

Nora said...

Happy Birthday, Marcy. I like the shot of the frosty tulip leaves best.

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Marcy!
Your wonderful pictures are always a delight to see...you have a great eye!
☼ Sunny

Jules said...

A BIG Happy Birthday Marcy! Your eye is fabulous and I love the salt block and whatever that yellow puffy thing is.

Gail you did us a service replacing her camera :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Marcy!! I love the photos and, guess what, we share birthdays!!Sarah x

LindaG said...

Happy Birthday, Marcy!
Great photos, indeed. :)

We had daffodils at the farm, too!

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday, Marcy!

I'm sure glad to told us what that mineral block was. I was looking at the interesting shape and wondering, what the heck? While I've seen enough of those things, I've never seen one quite licked into that interesting configuration.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos.
Have a wonderful day !

Rusty said...

Happy Birthday Marcy....

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Birthday, Marcy! :)

Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday, Marcie. I enjoyed your photos. I especially liked the salt/mineral block. It is so symmetrical!

Leontien said...

Happy Birthday Marcy!
And great pics


DesertHen said...

Wishing Marcy a Very Happy Birthdy! Have fun with the new camera! =)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday Marcy..enjoy the new camera..your photos are always great! :)

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