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Friday, September 30, 2011

Okay, Mr Sick Man, GO TO YOUR ROOM!

You are bugging me!!!
In a nutshell, you know Hubby is not working at a paying job, has had four surgeries within four months, and is still having problems.  AND, you also know I have said there are certain terms or phrases we use to begin a tall tale...and one is WELL, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!

Well, let me tell you something...I am working (since someone has to) and call to check on poor Hubby since he is so sickly.  No answer, well, you know what I thought.  Don't panic, call his cell phone.  Hubby answers, I inquire politely about his health.  He's feeling better and is out on the tractor. 

Then he tells me he's kinda stuck...in the edge of the pond.  I say, okay, I have lived with this man long enough to not ask questions.  I said, wait til I get home and I will help.  Nope, he says, I am jacking it up with rocks and I can get it out.  I let him try and I continue to work.

Phone call twenty minutes later, Uh, I need a tow truck...


I am in the pond.

You're kidding me, right?


So call a tow truck. Don't call me!  Is it under water?


The deep end?


Is the engine under water???


Then call a tow truck!!!!!!!!!!

This the very tractor I dropped the insurance on because it was paid for!!!  I wait and get no call.  I call again and ask if the tow truck is there and is the tractor out?  We're working on it, he calmly says.

No calls again, I mean, lay an egg like that and leave me?  So, I give him time to do what ever it takes to get a tractor out of a pond with a tow truck and I call again.  I ask, how bad is it?  He says no water in the oil. We drained that and left the plugs out.  There was water in the injector thingies (my words, not his) but we drained that and the tow guy said, stay away from the tractor for a few days (no kidding!!) and it should be alright.

Okay, I'm not asking what he was doing nor how it happened.  I know I will hear it all in his own time.  He said, I did the stupidest thing I've ever done today...no kidding? 

Hubby said, I checked the cattle, trimmed some posts, and was sitting, watching for snakes and coyotes, started the tractor and drove into the pond!!!!   Here's your sign!!!!

He's grounded!!! 


LindaG said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! "Here's your sign."

One great comedian.

And with the tow guy telling him to stay off of it, maybe he will!

I posted a bug picture yesterday, too.


Buttons said...

Oh my gosh, What is it with these men do they not know we worry?
I can relate to this it has to be the most frustrating thing to go through this kind of drama on the phone and not being able to get there and help. Men please remember people care about you so stop doing silly things. Hope all is well :) B

the canned quilter said...

I think I married your husband's twin. Like your husband my husband developed similar heart problems and was hospitalized 20 times in a one year span. During that time he had 4 different procedures. I thought I would lose my mind between medical bills and stress from trying to keep mine out of the pond, ditches and other assorted mischief. Hang in there.

Nezzy said...

Glory to goodness, does that one sound familar 'cept Hubs will put me on a tractor, in a semi or the ton 4X4 to pull him out. Then and only then when we get in such a pickle is the big burly fella with man spit and a tow truck called.

What can I say??? Venus and Mars baby!

Yep...ground him....ground him hard! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic Friday with 'no worries'!!!!

Country Gal said...

Oh my is it safe to let him out ? lol
Should he be doing all that strenuouse stuff like lifting rocks to put under the tractor ! Hope he takes it easy . I love the way you write its funny we seem to be on the same page with that were our hubbys are concerned lol OMGosh dont turn them loose they are worse then kids and get into all kinds of sticky messes. Here's your sign, more like a bilboard lol. Have a wonderful day.

Yaya' s Home said...

I am sooooo sorry I've been gone for so long. I forgot what a funny life you have. No, no. Don't *smack* me. I jus' totally forgot how much I enjoy reading your blog.

Now, as for hubby... why is it that, even after we've been married for a gazillion years, we are always s'prised when we hear of some new 'Crash Test Dummy' activity?

I am sure that, like The 'Canned Quilter', I married one 'uh your hubby's clones. It is amazing how MUCH ALIKE men can be, ain't it?

Hang in there, Gail, an' take care. Prayers a a'happening.

~ Yaya

Farm Girl said...

This is so funny. I am glad first that everything is okay.
I know that Men are Men and well, you just gotta love them.
Such a cute story.

Pat said...

I think you need to either handcuff that man to the bed, or tie him to the chair till you get home.....and there's NO SEX INVOLVED!!!

Can't this man just sit still, or lie on the grass and pick out shapes in the clouds?

Deanna said...

Hahaha . . .
"Lay an egg like that and leave me?"
I totally love the way you tell a story.
And great story by the way!!!
Glad your hubby AND the tractor are okay.

Journaling Woman said...

Yep, those things happen...to me anyway. Start a tractor and drive into a pond is so like me.

Don't beat him too much. :)He probably feels pretty stupid.

StitchinByTheLake said...

He's such a typical male. :) blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Two words:

Straight jacket.


Sue said...

PS. Or maybe that's one word??? ;)

Lori Skoog said...

Ain't life grand?

Nora said...

He is an accident waiting to happen, isn't he? What is he doing driving a tractor when he's not feeling well? Wasn't he just seeing the doctor? I thought he was supposed to take it easy! You do tell very humorously about it. You do have that gift. XOX

Michaele said...

Such patience you have. Bet your work day was a little more than distracted.

DesertHen said...

"lay an egg like that and then leave me".....You totally crack me up! Glad the tractor is out of the pond! Maybe you should put hubby in a locked room for a while...lol!

Happy Weekend to you! I hope it doesn't involve ponds, tractors and tow trucks!

carolina nana said...

Talking from experience, tractor will probably be okay,HAHAHAHAHA
And we wonder why we get grey hair before they do
Blessings for the weekend and by the way what did the doctor say about his breathing problems?

Anonymous said...

Don't you know we are just big size versions of little boys? You have to just love us and put up with us or run us off. But you can't do that because sometimes we are just so darn cute!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Men:) Gotta Love them:)

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