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Friday, August 17, 2012

You Can Take The Farm Girl Off The Farm

but you can't make me street wise.  I've been lost in Little Rock so many times might think I would know my way around by now.  Nope, wrong!  Found the hospital okay Thursday but deciding which parking garage to use for what section was too confusing for me.  Give me a dirt road or woods and I can find my way any where but add concrete, thousands of cars and four lanes of one way traffic and you might as well just put me down.  I was about ready to check into to the nut ward just from the driving.

I don't have a cell phone so Hubby lent me his.  That was a laugh.  I didn't even know how to make it work.  There was an angel in the waiting room for us that made many calls for me trying to track down what we needed to do.  I was so grateful I gave her my new flip flops. I had just purchased them for the trip in case my old ones had a blow out and they were in my purse.  The angel that saved us was thrilled and they matched her blouse perfectly.

Thursday's pretests were running over three hours behind.  I had a motel reserved.  I couldn't find that so just stopped at a motel and said, please tell me you have a room.  They did.  I called to cancel the other room fifteen minutes before deadline.

And goodness gracious Hooters was right next door.  Marcy and I decided not to go to Hooter's since I asked two men if the food was good.  They said, No! and said Hooters was for the atmosphere not the food.
So we ate at Cactus Jack's.
This is one fajita!
Marcy enjoyed her last solid meal for a few days.

The next morning poking and prodding began at five am. They took Marcy away so I TRIED to go pick up a part for her at Arkansas Health Dept. I kept loosing the street. I know, idiot! It would circle something and then it was gone again.
I found the old capitol.
I found the current capitol.
I found the historic union station
with no time to explore.
I did not find the place I was supposed to find.
I had the lady on the phone
 and she finally said, Honey, can  you find the hospital again??
She said, Go park and I will meet you.
That Angel brought the medical part to me
and gave me a much needed hug.

Now for the surgery report.  Doc believes he has removed all the cancer but had to take a thyroid because it was so entangled.  Six hours of solid reconstruction surgery later she is morphined and resting.  She gave me orders after surgery to go home and feed the chickens and her cats.  I did.  I cried but that is what she wanted me to do.

She will be pretty much be knocked out til Sunday so I will have one more of many adventurous trips to Little Rock.  Sure hope my skills improve...and I'm driving a standard transmission!

I could feel all the prayers and well wishes in the room with us.  Thank you. We can still use them.  It's gonna be a long haul.


TexWisGirl said...

i know the stress you were under did not help with the driving/directions. i am really glad to hear marcy made it through the surgery okay. i am sorry they had to take her thyroid, but i am certain they will work to find the right medication for her to stabilize that. just try to get some rest for yourself...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear the surgery is over and I hope they give her all the pain meds she needs. I cannot make a cell phone call on my hubbys phone either..so you are not alone. I can answer it and that is about all. You need one of those Tom Tom things that gives directions:)

Irene said...

It's tough to find your way in a strange city. I even get lost on my bike in my own downtown. Don't talk to be about mobile phones. Someone else's is a complete mystery to me.

Marcy will be able to take medication for the lost thyroid. I do so every day and it works out fine. The most important thing is that they got all the cancer. Will she have radiation and chemo therapy?

Thinking of you both.

Much love,

Adullamite said...

ell that's a sad reason to be there and hopefully all will be well. However getting lost did give the rest of us a good tour!

A Quiet Corner said...

Gail, try to hang in there as she needs you to be strong...and you will, on the outside...just because!...:)JP

Country Gal said...

A stressful time for you all . I pray that all goes well and Marcy is back in the swing of things very soon and you can find your way around in the mess of traffic and buildings ! You are in our thoughts and prayers !

SaucyKod said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well Gail. Well, if Marcy wanted you to feed her cats n chickens, she must be OK to give that request to you - she wants to keep you busy. A friend of mine also had the thyroid removed and with medication, works fine for her. Will there be further treatment following surgery or do you even know that yet.
Thinking about you and thanks for the tour and nice pics when you got lost.
Prayers n thoughts from here to you n yours.

Lynne said...

Good news that Marcy made it through her surgery . . .

You are "country gal getting citified . . ." And are brave and faithful . . . Keeping you and Marcy in my caring . . .

Lynne said...

Good news that Marcy made it through her surgery . . .

You are "country gal getting citified . . ." And are brave and faithful . . . Keeping you and Marcy in my caring . . .

Dreaming said...

It sounds like Marcy has her priorities in line... first the animals, then her! I'm so glad the Doctor feels he got all of the cancer. Will she have to followup with radiation or medication?
Bless you - stay safe!

Buttons said...

HUGS HUGS HUGS to you and Marcy the hard part is over.
Good luck making your way around.You will get it tough farm girl like you can do anything even while crying. Hugs again. B

Cara Drouin said...

I get lost in San Jose all the time!

Good that you fed the cats and chickens like SHE WANTED! I have had surgery many times and the person who has 'taken care' of me most is someone who does what she thinks should be done and not what I wanted to be done. There is a big difference.

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

Everytime I drive in the direction of Little Rock and need only to drive around it, I pray big time that that city does not suck me off highways and into its bowels.

So far so good.

Good for Marcy- getting the cancer. What does it mean to take a thyroid?


PS. still praying--now for cancer to stay away and a fast healing. Nobody likes that time--the healing.

Laurel's Quill said...

Just a tad stressed out I imagine...these situations are enough to make anyone thinks their nutso. Hope all is well.

DesertHen said...

I hate city driving and freeways! Even when I know where I am supposed to be going, I still get lost!!! Sending lots of hugs and prayers to all of you!!

Linda Wildenstein said...

super news that the surgery went well. you probably would have done better on the driving and such if you hadn't been stressed at the time. Take care and know the prayers will continue. Oma Linda

Rudee said...

Bless both your hearts. Sounds like it was an overwhelming day for you two. I'm glad the surgery went well and pray they got all the margins of the tumor.

You know, Gail, I live in the big city. I get around by GPS. God bless my Dashboard Doris. I'd never get anywhere without her.

Farm Girl said...

I always get lost when I am in a place and my loved one is in the hospital. I will keep her in my prayers. I don't know if this will help but I have two very good friends that have had the same kind of cancer and both of them have been cancer free since the surgery.
I laughed about what those men said. I would have went to Cactus Jack's too.
Thanks for sharing you took great photos.

LindaG said...

Gail. I am just like you. I got lost just driving 25 miles from the farm and trying to familiarize myself with the area.

I got quite turned around.


Prayers for you all. ♥

carolina nana said...

I've been praying hard for both of you. I'm sure Marcy will come through this like the trooper she is. It's hard to keep us old country girls down !!
Good luck in the city traffic,I hate driving where I'm not familiar especially in a lot of traffic.
Blessings and prayers

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh Gail I wish I could have been there with you to drive you around! I worked in Little Rock for a year next door to the current capitol so I can pretty much find anything down town. :) I've had my thyroid removed - take medication and all is good! blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Glad this part of the ordeal is over and that you even got a smile today (I'm commenting late).

My friend had the same issue with thyroid and it was a little tricky getting the hormone replacement balanced once it was removed, but she does great now.

Marcy is lucky to have a supportive sis by her side.


Pat said...

I was away for the weekend and I was wondering how Marcy was - so glad the surgery was a success! I will keep her in my prayers!

Jenny said...

What an incredibly stressful journey for you all.

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