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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Sunrise

made the drive more enjoyable.
I had to work but the view was fantastic.
All these changes happened in seconds.
Best movie I've seen in a while.


LRK said...

I'm a new reader. Thanks for your posts.

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The view from my front porch in Oklahoma was much whiter this morning, due to the late season snow. Your landscape would be easy to get used to. Keep writing.

Nezzy said...

Beautiful sky, beautiful pics! Hubs and I hibernated this morning so I missed the sunrise, wait a minute....not sun this morning! Heeheehe!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lovely sunrise, what is that saying about red sky in the morning sailors take warning, red sky at night, saliors delight.

Glad you are over the crud, been a lucky year for me unless you count the broken tooth.

Callie said...

Happy First Day of Spring!
Lovely sunrise. That would make my day too!

Rae said...

Gorgeous. It makes getting up early in the morning worth the effort.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I haven't seen a sunrise in a while, Gail. I almost forgot what it looked like. Thanks for reminding me. Yours is a true beauty.

Maria said...

How beautiful!!
God is so good!
Those pictures remind me of how my whole day felt yesterday!
Thank you for sharing

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