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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Was A Cold And Foggy Morning

and it progressed into a cold, windy day.
The weather did not bother my friend, Sam.  She was out town giving Arrow some more lessons in the world of zooming vehicles.  This time she had ponied Arrow with her horse, Red.  He did very well with that.

Sam was headed out to another town via back roads with two horses and her dog.  No bit in use and Arrow is doing so well.

Soon I will have four horses trained and will need many excuses not to ride.


Journaling Woman said...

This is very exciting. Now - do what you love-ride.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Yup, pretty soon you won't be able to chicken out anymore!

Pyatshaw said...

Can I come over and help?

Nezzy said...

I sure wish I was closer, Donkeys do NOT make good ridin' animals!

God bless ya'll!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh yes, I know all too well about the excuses. I tried to make up some, too. I even had a tummy ache and felt sick...for real...but I ignored it all and told myself, stop being so afraid.

I discovered and am still discovering that I wasn't really afraid of riding, but rather, just putting myself out there, if you know what I mean. Taking a chance. It's the not knowing that can be so scary.

But the not knowing is really just a part of life. But when you consider that we don't know what will happen 5 years from now, much less minutes from now, it helps put it into perspective and makes it a little easier.

I also found out that if I don't think too far ahead, and just focus on the moment, I also am much calmer, even just before I finally get in the saddle.

Of course, it does help a wholeheck of a lot if you have a calm, dependable, patient horse, too.

And it sounds like that's what you're getting with the training your horses have been going through.

So.....just get up there and ride.

Even if you only sit on a horse's back for 10 minutes, that's a great step.

You know one thing I really liked to do with Baby Doll and look forward to doing with Apache, too? I liked to just get up there bareback in the pasture or arena or round pen, and let my horse walk around where ever she chose. Just sitting up there focusing on my balance was great...and it was no pressure for the horse either. Just hanging out.

Have fun!


Pat said...

Time to crack open that "Horse riding for Dummies" book! LOL!

You can do it!

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