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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Giveaway and This N That...

After one thousand-one hundred four posts and twenty-seven months of posting, I have two hundred twenty-five followers.  Not so good, although I am tickled pink to have that many wonderful people following.  Many have become friends rather than just followers. I want to thank each and every one of you who follow and special thanks for the comments. 

I have noticed many giveaways, I have decided to join that group.  The Art of George Stubbs by Venetia Morrison will be my first prize.  Please ignore the flash reflection on the cover.  This is a magnificent "coffee table" book full of Mr. Stubbs amazing art.  The names will be placed in a hat, and one will be drawn out by a completely unbiased grandson that has no idea what is going on.  I would use random chooser or whatever they call that thing but I am not computer literate enough...yet.  This giveaway deadline will be Friday.  I will announce the winner Saturday.

I am not beyond bribing you to follow, so that is your only requirement to enter..be a.follower...and comment on this post.

On to other random, strange thoughts...I am gonna being working on changing the look and layout so don't panic if I disappear, it will only be temporary.  I asked my daughter what words I could add to the title so more search engines would catch my blog.  She advised, anything with the word sex, my sister said 2012 but 2012 Sex At The Farm did not appeal to me.  Any suggestions will be considered.

We are cool here, not freezing, except at night. The valley shows enough frost in the mornings to look like snow but we haven't any yet.  I hope this winter is kinder than the last.

Marcy is still keeping Zander two days a week while youngest daughter is working on her nursing degree.  She is also still photographing some amazing cold weather pictures which I will be sharing.

Melissa is working and Grandma Anna is helping out with Jake.  What would we do without an extended family??  Grandma Anna is our angel.

I am so proud of both my daughers, I don't think I tell them often enough but I hope they do know.

Hubby is donning the cloak of umeployment and does not think it fits.  At fifty-nine this is the first time, he hasn't had a job. It is not comfortable for him and a little scary. The fences are getting built and things are getting done, so his lack of a paying job has paid off for the farm.

Beverly continues to help us thin and empty our houses.   My sisters and I are hoping that in the spring the shop will be open.  There are many things we cannot do, like erecting the hugh shelves my nephew bought, but maybe the help will show up when we need it most.

Christmas is coming. I dread the coming. It seems that I have lost the spirit of Christmas along with a few other things I have misplaced.

I am still working six days a week or rather five and part of a day.  I am tired.  Fourteen months without a Saturday off is getting old but I am blessed I have a job.

A little insider information on the post office about Saturday delivery.  The post offices will still maintain their Saturday hours, mail will be placed in Post Office Boxes, the only service that will not be continuing on Saturday, if they decide on this course of action, will be street delivery.  This one move would eliminate many positions and would save much money but according to our statistics, payroll is but a small percentage of the expense. We all wait to see what our fate may be.


IanH said...

I sympathize with your husband! Tell him to hang in there as a new job is bound to appear. I know, as I was without work for three times in my career, between 3 to 12 months at a time. Keep the faith! The Lord will provide!

In the meantime, enjoy the "free" farm labour

LindaG said...

I couldn't come up with any suggestions for your blog 'advertising', but you never know when your blog might turn up with people search certain terms like 'homesteading' or chickens, or whatever so just having certain words in your profile or your tags could lead people to you. :)

I'd like to enter your giveaway, unless it's only for new readers. Good luck to everyone who enters!

I love your blog. Wish I had someone good with this stuff to help with mine. I've made all the changes I dare make on my own, haha, so good luck to you! :)

It's good having family close by. Remember The Waltons? Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles can indeed be Godsends. :)

I'm really sorry to hear about your hubby. At least he is blessed with having the farm to keep him busy. ♥

Maybe between the nephew and the hubby and some home made hoists or some such, you can get your shelves up in your store. :)

I know many people (us included) who do not have the Christmas spirit this year. I'm not sure anything will change that this year.

I appreciate the insight into the postal thing, too. As usual, the government is being 'penny wise and pound foolish'. 'Let's make unemployment worse in the ignorant belief that we can save money instead of actually looking at where the expenses really are'.
I would have paid a postage increase.

Ah well. Hope you all have a good week!

DesertHen said...

I'm a follower...so toss my name in that hat...=) Giveaways are so much fun.

Tell your hubby to hang in there as the right job will find him when he's needed. In the meantime the farm should keep him busy and it will be in tip-top shape...=)

Our post office has NEVER been open on Saturday, not even during the holiday season. I worked as a relief postmaster in another very small town before we moved here and we were always open on Saturdays for half the day. I loved that job and always looked forward to the regular postmaster going on vacation so I could work more.

I know what you mean about the spirit of Christmas...I struggled with that badly last year. I'm hoping to be a bit better with it this year. I wanted to get the decorations up this weekend, but my headcold had other ideas for me. Oh well, maybe the decorating elves will show up one day this week while I'm at work...one can only hope.

Have a wonderful week Gail. =)

Jacqui said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from a weekend blog hop! I would love to have you follow back at one or all four of my blogs :)


Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

~Tonia said...

I had to read the "advised" words to add!
Sorry your Hubby is dealing with Unemployment. I hope things work out soon.
Please enter me in the giveaway!

carolina nana said...

My son is holding his breath to see what the PO does about Saturday deliveries as he may be one of the casualties of this move.As for right now he is working like you 6 days a week.
Have a blessed tomorrow

Barb said...

Well, I for one, definitely enjoy your blog. I always read it though I can't always think of something intelligent to say at the end of it.
I would enjoy the chance for my name to be hand selected from a hat by your grandson, so please enter me in the draw.

Yaya' s Home said...

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Have you met Lenny? I'd appreciate it if you could check out his blog and become a Follower. I've shared some of his talents here.

I truly hope this will help both you and Lenny. Thanks for looking at his blog. I think you will really like it. He's a great kid.

~ Yaya

Sunny said...

Congrats on your 1,104th post! I always enjoy my visit.
I can totally relate to your husband's unemployment as I am there myself and have been for quite some time. I wish him the best of luck.
I would love to be entered into your giveaway for George Stubbs Art Book. His horse paintings are truly magnificent.
Have a good week.
☼ Sunny

msj09027 said...

I enjoy your blog and would like to enter the giveaway contest.

Mike in Fremont

Nezzy said...

Ya know the old sayin' that God doesn't close a door without opening a window...I'm sure God has a perfect plan for your hubby's job situation. We who own farms and critters know it takes the outside incomes to feed the livestock and put food on the table. The only real profit in farming is in the real-estate. We do it for the love of the land!

God bless your new explorations girl...that's how we grow. Now spread you wings and fly my friend! :o)

Pyatshaw said...

Sounds a bit like what is happening here and I too am actually dreading Christmas--everything is now so expensive and we don't have big pensions. This is our second terrible winter in 2 years and money must go on heating and it is not exactly hot in our house.
My husband has not really enjoyed retirement--he had odd jobs for several years but he now finds the days very long--he never had a hobby--farmers are too busy for hobbies (except the rich ones!)I have my dog hobbies but that too is becoming too expensive.
Good grief, what a moaner! I do however like my laptop and its blogs. Keep it up and cheer us up!

allhorsestuff said...

That's a pretty complete update for the times- inside -and out!

It is rough not working...a couple times i thought i'd like to not work and I got my wish-ailments- and I hated it. I don't like to be around peopel all the time, but I missed the interaction terribly. and for a guy, not havintg a defining-go win the bread outside gig...oou. He'll maybe fnd something that will satisfy, hopefully. AM very glad that the farm is getting refreshed and kept nicely by him...that is a GREAT JOB to have, and I envy you and him!

You have yourself a nice family and I love to read about them. That is the "Spirit"...it's your family and the blessing of them. God behind the scenes, not seen, bestowing grace and mercy and love- visibly so..keeping things running. I have lost the materiasm spirit myself . I spend the times and season of Christmas..in Hope for the future and loving what we call ours. The Gifts recieved, are many!

Love that gorgeous book..nice item to give away.
Yea, I am still perplexed how to put the gadget, you have in my blog header...the one at the top that has directions to Your inside scoops(HOME, THE TRUTH ABOUT ME..ect) on my blog!! What is that gadget called Gail?

Thanks, and be well Fine hearted woman!

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