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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bit of Fiction

She cleaned the glass in the captain's quarters unaffected by the foot steps of soldiers long dead.

The fort where she worked summers has shown her many secrets:  a shimmering Captain working at his desk, glimpses of military formations on the common, and the indescribable feeling of sadness from the prison barracks.  All these she had seen or sensed during her late work hours at the fort.

People years gone had left their mark in the air, the wood, the stone of the old fort.

Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! The change of the evening guard was something she didn't look up for anymore.  Although they were all around her and she could sometimes feel a breath on her cheek, she worked alone.

One window pane at time, she cleaned.


Buttons said...

Oh I enjoyed this I could feel the breath on the back of my neck, B

Journaling Woman said...

I think she may like these invisible breathers?

Some live in my house. Whaaaaa!

Love it.


Lynne said...

How do you do it? Amazing . . .you paint and draw with your words . . .

Anonymous said...

You have good writing :)
Have a lovely weekend!


Irene said...

You see dead people. Did you enjoy that movie? I would like to go to a historical building with you and have you tell me what you experience. It would be mighty interesting. xox

Sue said...

Cool. Very cool.

(she says with a shiver)


LindaG said...

Nice piece, Gail. :-)

SaucyKod said...

A shrill scream pierced the night air.
Somewhere in the darkness, footsteps broke the silence of the night.
I cautiously peeked in the window and ?what to my amazing sight appeared? - Gail peeking right back at me :)
Thanks, I loved it - You are one Kool Kiddo

Nezzy said...

FANTASTIC!!! I could see her, I could smell the barracks and feel the breath!!!

Great job Miss Gail!!

God bless ya :o)

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