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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Toosday's Tidbits..

Two shots, too late, too tired to do anything but too mortified at my laziness to just sit.  That was my Tuesday.

A steroid shot, a B12 shot, nasal spray and meds may have this crud on the run.  Doc thinks it's the record high pollen count in our area that has everyone under the weather.  Yesterday, I had trouble breathing and that is too scary to think about.  I've been sleeping very little and when I slept it was almost in an upright position made with mountains of too many pillows for a bed.  I'm not a patient sick person.  I refuse to accept rest may be the best thing.  Since Horehound Candy (although it did stop the coughs) and Vick's salve didn't cure it, I had to seek medical attention...and that gets my goat!  I, the stubborn, the know-it-all should be able to cure myself but humbly I submitted to real medical treatment.

Hubby waits to be scheduled for his pacemaker/defibrillator thingy.  We hope the schedule accommodates us before it is too late.  Does he sit and worry?  Nope, out building fence.  Good man. 
And the very things that cause my malady bring me such pleasure it is hard to be mad at Spring.

I did restock cleaning supplies while I was out but for the life of me as much as I have waved my arm at them not one bottle of cleaning stuff has started doing the job without me.

I have spend my afternoon lazily reading the talent posted at The Mag.  It is so amazing how every one has the same picture and yet seventy-five different, talented tales with poetry and prose are posted.

I hear the grass growing.  The dust bunnies are having a party while the spiders are busily spinning their intricate traps for food as I write this yet something compels me to ignore it all and rest...


Country Gal said...

About time ya stoped ! Stuborn ole goat arent ya lol I and Papa are the same your not alone on that ! Hope you get better fast and all goes well with hubs . Get pleanty of R&R the dustbunnies and what not will still be there or if they were smart they would move out hehe ! Have a good day my friend and get well !

Lynne said...

Not to discourage you . . . I too went through the regime you are on, so decided to
"solve it on my own"
went to doc
steroid shot
nasal regime
doc says
outside all day picking up sticks and stuff
burning them
not bothered a bit
going on weeks of this
never had the cough or trouble breathing
stubborn here too
bug be gone!

Nezzy said...

Bless your heart sweetie, I wish ya felt better!

We rounded up and loaded out some cattle night before last. The dust was just horrific. Yesterday mornin' I thought I was gonna die tryin' to cough up the mud balls!

I'm glad to be alive and sure didn't want my last words to be "Don't you run over me," since FB asked me to shine a teeny tiny light on the corral so he could back up the semi~cattle trailer in the dark. Ohhhhh, what we do for our men! Heeehehehe!

I thought ya might get a kick of picturin' that!

God bless ya sweet Gail and please feel better!!! :o)

Laurel's Quill said...

I had that crud a couple of years ago and I truly thought my number was up. When I coughed, my lungs would continue to talk back to me for what seemed like a ghastly long time. It scared the heck out of me. I could only sleep ( if you can call it that) sitting up...grotesque illness. Get better and don't sweat the dust bunnies... they're here for Easter!

SaucyKod said...

You wrote : "I'm bacckkkkk! I cannot reply to your comment which comes directly to my email...no reply comment blogger is your return address."
I am not sure what to do to fix this Gail - can you give me direction.
My email is saucykodz@live.ca
Thanks n Cheers

SaucyKod said...

Just read your post and you have my sympathy. I do understand the Pollen/Dust/Growing season very well, as I have inherited my Father's sinuses and I do have allergies. I suffered for years with Meds, etc and then found a prescribed nasal spray, which does not dry up your nose or make your nose bleed and it made all the difference in the world. I start it approx a month before budding season and before the snow melts the last of herself away and then we have all that leaf rot to clean up, etc.....and all that DUST in the air.
Anyway, for me it is Beciomethasone Dipropionate 50 mg and two sprays into each nostril morning and night and I have NO symptoms....and trust me, before that I was down n out and didn't give a heck about dust bunnies or anything else.
Hope you are feeling better - Cheers

Sandy said...


My heart goes out to you! Being under the weather with what you have is no fun, been there done that for 3 months in a row a couple of years ago. All I can tell you, it will get better. Sometimes when the allergies are bad, I wear a mask outside (depending on whats floating in the air). Yes, continue to sit up for sleeping to prevent more crap from settling in your lungs. I hope hubby gets his appointment soon for his pacemaker/defibrillator. This process is pretty fast, in the hospital one day in most cases. Both my friend and Mom have this in their chests.

Words of advice, slow down just a little so you can heal. Yep...I'm telling you not to over do it. Will you listen, probably not. Were both alike, stubborn and need to get things done. Take care my friend.

TexWisGirl said...

just rest. your body needs it.

Farm Girl said...

I am glad you are resting. I always try and treat myself first, I am always happy though, I can call a doctor. I always think of those who can't and I feel very blessed.
Just get better.

Judy said...

Smart women...ignore it all and rest...

Irene said...

You shouldn't call yourself lazy when you're sick. You're always working anyway. Please don't do that again. I hope you get better soon and that those shots help you a lot. xox

Sue said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor, and I'm frustrated that your husband is having to wait to be scheduled. Hope both of you get relief soon!


PS. Aren't there some great writers over at the Magpie?

Tracy said...

I bet if you rest you'll feel better sooner...just sayin'

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you feel better soon. Rest is probably a good thing. :)

Laurel's Quill said...

Hey Gail...I'm not sure what you mean about the e-mail comment thingie. give me a jingle at laurel.dismukes@gmail.com and tell me what you mean and how to fix my blog. Thanks. Glad you are feeling better. Laurel

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