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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wordle Fiction...Cave

Wordle  from Sunday Whirl

I tracked through woods hill and dale
What I would find I could not tell
Science held a fascination to me
I explored until I fell

Cracks and crevice unseen by me
Seemed to evoke a lost memory
Saintly angels appeared on cue
Watching my attempts to wrestle free

I was stuck. What should I do?
No one knew where I had gotten to
I acted as if this was on purpose
And studied the sky of blue

I was a little nervous
pebbles covered the entire surface
I climbed feeling lucky and worthless
The empty cave held no serpents

Although this wasn't fair
my ignorance had landed me there
the empty cave pulled my hair
As I climbed toward the fresh air

Although I used Sunday Whirl's words this was another attempt at Frost's form. I added an extra verse.  One of these days I might conquer this form.  Where ever you are I hope you're warm.


TexWisGirl said...

you wrote from what you know. hopefully you can always send the pups back to get help...like lassie. :)

Karen S. said...

No fear, when stuck, your trusty boots will pull you through. What fun this was, it's not always easy making sense of those words, I even played along with that one a while back.

Sandra said...

i like those rocks and i see a small cave in the pic, am wondering if that is the one that pulled your hair..

Lynne said...

I enjoy seeing what you come up with . . .
Always quite the tale . . .
You are unstuck aren't you . . .

Susan Anderson said...

What a fun challenge!


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