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Friday, September 23, 2016

Not Worth A Load of Seed Ticks

It was a cooler day this morning but I was feeling a little under the weather.  I guess I got too hot the day before.  So I decided to stay in or rather Hubby TOLD me to stay in and rest.  He took off on the tractor.

He has been busy planting food plots for wildlife this winter.  He also wanted to bush hog (mow) the pastured land so the new grass would have a good start before winter.

I did some paper work after my head stopped hurting and my stomach settled.  I called the internet server to fix my wireless extender that they messed up (a complete story by itself). When that was resolved I decided to take Hubby a cool drink.

The dogs and I headed out.  Lizzy riding shotgun with me in the Gator and the others running free.  We could not hear the tractor anywhere.  So I drove and they ran with a joy only dogs can show.
We traveled up and down hills stopping to listen now and then.
We stopped to cool and get a drink at every watering hole while listening and looking for the Tractor Man.
It was warmer than we thought
 and the water saved us all.
All this trouble to take Tractor Man a cold drink! (Persimmon on top of can) I went places I haven't driven following the mowed brush. I headed down one hill and decided, nope, no way, not going down there cause I have to drive out. Stopped at the next pond to let the dogs cool again. Walked down to look at the water and felt something crawling on me...seed ticks!!!!  Too tiny even for a macro lens!!!  I tried to wash them off, swept some away with a cedar branch and headed home. Still no tractor sound.  Stopped at the creek and by this time my imagination had seed ticks all over me!  Tried once more to wash them off.

Went to the house. Took a shower and heard the tractor pulling in.

Where had he been??  That hill that I would not drive down has a dry pond at the bottom. He was down there removing grass seed from his radiator grill with the tractor turned off.

Hubby's not worth the misery of seed ticks. He laughed but now his imagination is feeling the crawl! 


Lee said...

Ticks! I hate ticks of all sorts and sizes!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the dogs look happy running along. Seed ticks do not sound good. Are they like jiggers? UUGH!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

only slightly confused said...

All I have to do is SEE a bug and I'm crawly for the rest of the day.

Sandra said...

OMW I am itching just reading this... I found an ant crawking on my arm last week and the rest of the morning I felt them and they were not there. ticks would be worse.... glad you found him. I would have been in full on head speed what iffer mode

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ticks! Bleh... They are a nasty bunch.
Your area looks like a beautiful place and fun to explore.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yuck! Nasty things.
Maybe you guys need walkie talkies or something?

Ginny Hartzler said...

This is a new one on me! So I had to Google seed ticks. They said that often, they are baby ticks. And because of that they can congregate in thousands! But because they are so young and haven't been around as much, they usually don't carry disease. And I know you know ALL of this! But I had never heard of them! Will they stick in your skin like the big ones? Your ride sounds wonderful except for the ticks and the heat!

gld said...

I haven't been in seed ticks in years. I want it to stay that way. Of course I don't roam the wilds like you and the dogs!

Arkansas Patti said...

That was a fun trip till you mentioned the ticks. I just swatted twice at my leg. Yikes.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Just mentioning ticks has me feeling itchy and creepy crawly! I'm rather glad they are too small for your camera lens! I'm sure you all got plenty hot and thirsty roaming up and down hills looking for the tractor man, with no tractor sounds to be heard I'd have been a bit worried too! I'm glad all ended well, and I had to chuckle at him starting to feel itchy too, that seems fair! :-)

Michelle said...

The dogs look like they are having a great time. So sweet :)

LindaG said...

Glad Tractor Man was okay. I hope you are, too, Gail.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Adam said...

Internet service people often stink.

and they do a bad job too. :)

Karen S. said...

Hope you're feeling better, and what better pal to make you happier, the joy lived through a dog! Bonnie is surely enjoying herself too! As for seed ticks, I'm thinking they aren't those nasty blood sucking critters, but real seeds flying about?

Susan Anderson said...

What a thoughtful impulse, flower and all!

Ew on the seed ticks.
Makes my flesh crawl to think of it!

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