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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marcy's Photos

Sometimes there is the perfect photo with perfect light, composition, and subject.  I am declaring this photo of Marcy's Purrrfect.

Sometimes patience pays off and you get a picture you were never planning but are delighted with the surprise.  Look close, do you see the Blue Herron?  Tina, she said this one is for you.

If Marcy can loose the dogs, she gets many wild life pictures.

She even captures Princess thanking her for the grass.

We have push over moms in every species around here.  Arrow is still sneaking milk and he is bigger than Mom!  Arrow goes to train soon, maybe he will wean then!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Of course, my fav is the kitty - that is just purr fect, as you say!!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

The photo of the cat drinking water is just perfect. Marcy does get some great shots. I pays to always have your camera handy and to live in a place of interest.

Journaling Woman said...

These photos are magazine quality don't you think? I can't choose a favorite...and I tried...but I like them all.

Pat said...

Like the kitty drinking water, and I'm always happy to see a blue heron! Great photos! Enjoyed them!

Tina said...

Gail and Marcy,
What a great series of pictures!! Marcy, you certainly have a great eye for getting those perfect shots...love the purfect kitty and YES I did see that blue heron..amazing creatures, aren't they? Hard to capture tho,,very skiddish but you did well with your shot!! How DO they survive these harsh winters? I see them in freezing water with those skinny spindly legs and I can never figure out how they keep from breaking a leg on the ice!!
Thanks for the link..and keep finding those great pics..love to visit your sister's blog..always a joy to read and see what has been posted!
Do have a great Thanksgiving!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You just never know what you might see on your farm. lol!


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