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Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkin Guts And Washouts

I just like the sound of that, pumpkin guts.  Did you know you can roast these seeds for a tasty snack?

This is one of the reasons the cows kept getting out one whole section of fence left with the flood.  This week that shall be remedied.  Short of cash but not so short on cattle, my hubby has worked out a deal, fencing for cows.  One bred cow gets our fence completed, no back breaking work for hubby, no missed days from work to fix the fence, I think it was a heck of trade.  Hubby has many post planted to expand the pasture but neither of us has the time nor the health to do it.

One victim on the farm this week, the butterfly was almot finished but Orange helped him go into the light.

Water always calms me, there is just a peace about it that seems to cure my maladies.

On the darker side, I have a green flying buzzing around that is as big as a helicopter.  Could this be a indication I need to clean house?  Has she laid eggs in my sink?  Or is this a precursor to Amittyville Horror?


Anonymous said...

Good morning Gail, I think that's a great solution to the fence. What a beautiful view of the water with the reflection; very peaceful and calming. We killed 4 flies on the porch yesterday - it felt like an invasion! Love the pic of Orange kitty - what a sweetheart. Blessings to you this week.

~Tonia said...

Pumpkin guts!! Funny!
Yeah for the fence/cow trade!! I think thats a great deal from either side!
Since it warmed up here there have been a few flies around.. They are pesky too!
Cute cat!

Nezzy said...

' Love roasted pumpkin guts! The cow trade, I say heck~of~a~deal!!! If ya'll figure out how to win the battle of the flies let me know 'cause they drive me nuts!!! Well, nutter than I already am.

Enjoy your day!!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I don't have any pumpkin guts here, nor pesky flies, but then again, I don't live on a farm or in America, where you have to be for real good pumpkins. I do have to cute cats, but no butterflies. I have a spider behind the toilet that caught another spider, how's that for wildlife? That's the best I can come up with. Nice pond!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

re: the fly: You're so funny Gail!And poor flutterby :(
Water calms me, too. Especially running water, like a creek or babbling brook.

We carved our 3 pumpkins and I baked the seeds, like I do every year. In the past years, we've always had seeds to eat over several days. This year, the pumpkin seeds were baked just perfect with salt and they didn't even last 15 minutes. So yummy!


Pat said...

The problem with making roasted pumpkin seeds is that it's hard to stop eating them! LOL!

Orange looks so cute with the butterfly. Helped him into the light! LOL!

1 cow = 1 fence = good trade

Breathe said...

I need a fence. Do I have to get a cow first?


Glad Orange is doing the work of an angel.

Pyatshaw said...

That's one downside to warmer weather---the blue flies we get here. I HATE them--they remind me of Lancaster bombers and when I kill them (i.e.--squash them) their whole bodies seem full of tiny eggs----YUK!

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