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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Doubling Up

Today I'm doing doubles.  My insane self-appointed goal is to one day write a word prompt using only the words provided while having that creation make sense.   I have used two sets of twelve prompt words using two words twice and fourteen other words.  I don't think I made it.

"More Meth
cry mouths
midnight receded
mutant sins cry to be fed

Mortuary magician
the chill and rattle 
of many

Motor web creek
scry with crystal thread
maybe mariachis

While sins missed
could be forgiven
rather than plastered


Sandra said...

before i read yours I wrote this with the wordle.

The creek was still, the air had a disticnt chill.
I figured it might be a sin to sit and cry while I waited for the waters to recede.
I stared at the web and thought if I had a needle and thread, I could patch that web.
I stared into the water and tried to use it as a scry, to foresee my future.As I waited I could hear a distant drum, and the distinct rattle of a snake. Come on Mr. rattleler and i will plaster you all over the place with a rock.

I like the mortuary magician and I am betting he gets many chills and rattles..oh no on plastered publicly. i can't believe you could write this using only those words.

Outlawyer said...

Well-- there is a meths' crying out for more feel here--and of a kind of decay and lostness--that works very well despite the constraints! k.

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

Well, if you didn't make your goal, you came close. This is well done, cosidering your self imposed goal.
Good job!

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

well done and yes - this prompt in particular tempted me to try to use only the words given - good challenge for yourself -

Lynne said...

Another . . . WELL DONE!

Susan Anderson said...

You set a hard task for yourself, and you made a good stab at achieving it. Seems like a fun thing to try to do, like a word puzzle.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I am partial to the mortuary magician. I'm glad you were able to pull that little image off. I tried, but failed miserably!

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