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Monday, April 27, 2009

Let Me Tell You...

about my Saturday. Of course, I was moaning Saturday about how tired I was and how I was going back to bed...not!

I laid down and could not go back to sleep. I hear sounds, Bev is in my kitchen washing dishes, mopping floors, laundry going, the whole nine yards. I dragged my pj behind out of bed and into the shower.

Den is outside working of course. Then up pulls Maria, Zander and Luke...so much for my quiet Saturday. Luke helps Den cut some logs, he works on mower, clears some trees out of Marcy's back yard left from the ice storm. Bev and I are inside working.

We are down to the nitty gritty, sorting piles of crap, I must sort each thing and get it in its correct place. I have marked containers: odd screws, odd nails, thing I do not know what the heck they are and I am sorting one tiny piece at a time!

Time for Andrew's party and Den is in the woods. I had to go to the skating rink and back to pick him up. I had to pick up things in town.

I had to come back and sort some more...ahhhhh!

I just want to throw it all away and Bev won't let me, I must sort until there are no more piles. I get a clear place on the table and she dumps more! I have never seen so many small pieces of paper with a phone number on them with no name!

Maria and the baby go home. Luke stays and plays on my computer. Bev goes home. Melissa, Andrew, Jake and Den head to the derby. I can't use my own computer. I watch tv and can find nothing to watch.

Maria comes back to get Luke. They go home and then everyone comes back from the derby.

Nice relaxing Saturday!

I guess I will try again next week.


SkippyMom said...

whew! that was even tiresome to read - that is a BIG Saturday! At least you got a lot done and saw family. :) Maybe you can relax today? I hope so. Take care.

Rudee said...

I agree with SM. Hopefully, Sunday was better.

The Gossamer Woman said...

You just have too many family members who walk in and make themselves at home. You need to make it by invitation only.

DesertHen said...

Busy, busy, busy!! Maybe next week you can sit in that chair, put your feet up and relax!

Pyzahn said...

One of the prettiest times of the year and so much is going on you just can't relax. I feel your pain. Good luck with next week.

distracted by shiny objects said...

awwwww honey, I'll come help you. I know the correct place for all those little bitty things to go...the garbage can. Shhhhh, don't tell Bev, I'm sneaking over there.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sounds like your Saturday was well and truly hi-jacked! Better luck next weekend!

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