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Thursday, April 23, 2009

This N That

Boy, I use that title a lot! It is usually when I have a lot of things to say that have nothing to do with each other.

TP was Daddy's dog. Here she is in all her tattered glory.

Zander is learning about work hats early.

Another free range rooster

First, I must say I met a wonderful person at work today. May be just the person we need to have items in our new business. http://www.earthartandfoods.com/ has so many beautiful pieces, all hand made, and grows mushrooms, too. If you stop by, tell him, Gail At The Farm sent you. I am having a little trouble with his contact me button but I have notified him about the problem. This stuff is so cute and artsy!

Now for my day, I got to listen to deconstruction half the day at work. They are replacing my siding and I do not know why. I asked for a new floor three years ago and I am getting new siding. Maybe if I ask for a roof, I will get a floor.

Princess is not liking the pen!

We have added to the barn cats. We have two new litters since we only have two females, this is 100% production, now if I could sell them, this would be good.

Will I ever get to sit and enjoy the flowers?


Robbin'sMama said...

Is TP a Maltese? Looks like our Charlie.

Rudee said...

Poor Princess. Every time I come here and see a dog, I leave and go to petfinders.com. It's going to be soon.

Grammy said...

You just need to let every thing go and sit in that chair till you feel wonderful. Dr Grammy's orders. Every thing will be wonderful after you unwind. Then get hubby to give you a foot massage. LOL. That was too funny to see the goat in jail. Zander is so cute in his hat.

Tina said...

# 301?? What a cutie pie underneath that hat..bet he breaks some hearts one day!!..TP does a nice pose for you and what is it with the goat behind bars? Love the rooster..always love roosters..don't know why..just fun to look at..I must say that chair sure does look inviting..esp if it is near the dreaming porch!!
:) Have a nice one Gail!

tiffany said...

Okay Zander is just tooo cute!!!!!! And with that hat on, what a classic shot.
TP's pretty cute too ;o)

Jeannelle said...

Interesting name: Zander....that is a last name in our area.

Sit down in that chair and relax....just do it!

The Gossamer Woman said...

Just sit down in that chair and tell everyone, Irene told you so. You do need some sitting down time some time, you know. That looks like a fine chair to sit down in and think about absolutely nothing but the flowers and the sky.

DesertHen said...

Go sit in that chair and put your feet up...enjoy those flowers, the dogs, the goaties, the kitties and life.....go relax a bit, you deserve it!!

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