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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clearing Old Fence Rows

The day looked rainy but it did clear off.
Time for some fence row clearing.
This is the end of Dad's old garden where he had built two fences high to prevent the deer from eating the garden.  Years of growth and wear meant it was time to push it out and open up the view a little.
This is now the orchard with a stream beside it.
The work sure is easy with the right equipment.
Would have taken us months with hand tools.


the canned quilter said...

When we bought this place it was an old dairy fram. I stress the word old! We spent years cleaning out old fence rows like this.

ellen abbott said...

Oh yes, the right tools make it so much easier.

Nezzy said...

Oh yes, ya gotta have the right tools!!! I've been in the workin' pens all day. Castration, vaccination and dehornin' for about 57 head of 500-650 pound calves. Oh baby, the jacuzzi is gonna feel good tonight!!!

God bless ya and have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Nora said...

It's good to see what a hedge row looks like actually.

Pat said...

Love a man with big equipment! Sure gets the job done!

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