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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Path Of Rediscovery

As Bev and Marcy work their fingers to the bone, clearing the back yard, they uncover things that have not been seen easily since the tornado.
Another branch exists behind Marcy's.  If my memory is correct, it flowed full time in my youth but from the dry years has slowed to a wet weather branch.
It may be the year for it to flow all time again.  This would be wonderful.  I have noticed Darters in the water and they only live in fresh spring water.  Where did they come from?  Fish cannot exist here, it goes dry, and yet here they are.  They must be moving in from an underground source and this makes me excited, more proof that it may, once again, become an all weather creek.  Thanks, God, for the renewed water source.


ellen abbott said...

My aunt and uncle had a live creek on their property. It was my favorite place to be when I would go stay with them in the summer. I really wanted land with a live creek. I wanted to be out in the country instead of outside a small town. But live creek property is out of our price range and this half acre in a small neighborhood in the county amongst open fields called to us.

Brenda said...

We have a problem area in the back yard that we have been thinking about rocking like this. I need to show my hubby these photos. We get all the neighbors drain offs because we have the drain thingy in our yard. So we can not grow grass or anything very well. It is a mess. This looks very nice.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I wonder if the fish are coming from eggs and fish that bury into the ground and only come forth when the conditions are right? We have frogs and toads like this....they only come out of the ground when we get our heavy rains. And they breed like crazy.....lay their eggs, and the bury back into the ground as the water dries up again.
Of course this happens in the desert southwest, but I wonder if you, too, might have animals that bury under until the time is right?

I love a babbling brook in a backyard. There is something so beautiful, so natural, so full of self-renewal that a creek or brook brings. You are blessed to have this, so treasure it.


Pat said...

Psst! Don't mention it to those varmints who keep sneaking in to your place to fish! Another hot spot!

Bernie said...

I liked all your posts previous to this, but this one really spoke to me. I love the whole ides of this stream coming back and supporting longl dormant darters.

Thank you for your visits to my blog also. I love to hear about stuff going on on the farm. The first one with all the pictures and dialogue about the land being prepared for a good yield was cool too.

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