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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Were Right...

I have downloaded so many pictures with my over eight hundred posts, I have no room. I would not have known to look without your help. Thank you.

I have purchased room for another gazillion photos so watch out! Farm world overload.

I thought about deleting some older posts. I read some and could not for the life of me delete even one. It is a story of my life, my attitude, my accomplishments and my failures. I can go back and read and feel the same way again. Nope, deleting was not an option.

So, for tonight only, maybe, you are stuck again with my words.

Today was a busy day but I think I want to tell you about one of my customers.

I shall talk in his voice and let him tell his story. He is not much older than me but a little differently put together as you will see from his stories.

I am expecting some money and when I get it, I will buy you a car. I am sueing the county(unnamed) because they tased me and set my jacket on fire and burnt it up for no reason. They beat the s--- outta me too. I am leaving town because they are trying to kill me but I will be back for court and then I get my money. I am singing and at five dollars a head I make good money so I am going to hit the road. I can pay the box rent then.

I am going to run for sheriff because I know everyone, spend alot of time down there and I have to be a better one than the one they got.

I haven't got my check. I was supposed to get seven hundred back from the government two weeks ago. Now why does it take the government six weeks to get me a check when I have to send them one right away. They told me it was in the mail, like I haven't heard that before. I am calling Obama and see if he will straighten it out.

I lost my box key, someone stole my truck and I know who it was and they totaled it, pushed the engine right through the radiator, costs me twenty-five dollars to tow it to someone's yard. That engine was good, it only had 130,000 miles on it and I'm putting it in another truck and it might take me awhile. So I need a new box key cause the sob who wrecked my truck stole my keys too. I know where he lives so I may go get my keys, it was two men and a girl that tricked me.

Gail: Are you following this? This is after he crawled under a fence by the po and stayed on the ground long enough that I checked on him. He staggered into the lobby and thank goodness, someone offered to drive him home so he could take his medicine.

Working for the public is a pleasure, very entertaining and I love it...some days.


Pandora's Box of FIber said...

My god, that sounds like some of the customers that both LB (librarian) and I (food service) get! Fun, isn't it?

Rudee said...

Why pay for entertainment when you can get it for free? Tall tales and blog fodder, a perfect match.

Watch out, Gail. The moon is almost full!

allhorsestuff said...


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I managed apartments some years ago. Did it for many years and that could have been one of my residents at the first of the month when the rent is due!! Now I'm going to have to try and forget those years all over again!!! lol

Pyatshaw said...

Has Obama picked up his cause?!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I took care of him when I worked in a Dr's office and some sob stole his Oxycontin. Then he came to the ER one night while I was there and his tooth was hurting because his deadbeat brother stole all he and his mother's Oxycontin and his dentist was out of town on a 3 month cruise! Meanwhile his bloodhound got hit by a train and had $4000 worth of surgery so he couldn't afford to get a script filled. Just wanted us to spot him some Lortab from the ER!

I sure hope Obama can help him out!! He sure has had a run of bad luck!

Thanks for bringing back those painful memories as it is one year ago today that I quit nursing!!!!!!! And I was thinking about going back, HUH?????? LOLOLOLOLL!!!!!!

Nora said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with those people too. I would not know what to do, but lie down on the ground and weep. I wonder how he would react to that? He'd probably think you were in on the plot, being a government worker.

Nezzy said...

Just never a dull moment 'round you, huh???

He sounds like quite the character. Really, there's nothing like free entertainment!!!

God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!

Pat said...

You can listen to their crap - it's when they go "postal" that you have to worry about it!

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