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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

History In The Making

The look may change from Mother Nature's touch.  The trees are fewer but the sky is bigger now.  The sun is more visible as it rises.
Here history speaks as we make our own history.
Our grandparents' house with our parents' fence surrounding it,
while I add the history of the horses.
Treasures are uncovered from ancient history
and they help us know the past,
while we build a future.


Journaling Woman said...

Very nice your history and the fact that you are preserving it. Warms my rural heart.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Amazing, things keep changing, we all add a bit of history as we go.
BTW, I just noticed the Cowboy and Western quotes, how cute!

Lori E said...

I think that would be so exciting to find stuff like that.
We live in an area surrounded by Native land and they have done some pretty big archeological digs around here.

Vickie said...

Hi Gail - I'm finding all kinds of history on our place, too. Mostly farm implements and pieces of tools, old crockery, glass, horseshoes, etc. Haven't found any arrowheads yet, altho the history of our area includes, I believe, Cherokee Indians. I'm gonna keep digging. We're making our own history, too.

Hey, get to painting, girl - I wanna see! Barb and Barb's blog is an artist, too. We should all hold each other accountable to using the talents God has given us!

Love your horses and their quest for something tastey!!!

Rudee said...

And that is the beauty of history repeating itself.

Nezzy said...

Oh the treasures you uncover as you make history.

Have a beautiful day!!!

Pat said...

How wonderful to live in the same place as your grandparents! I would love to have that tradition!. It was so hard to sell my parent's home after they lived in it for 45 years!

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